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I've had a look over the forums and didn't see a request like this, hope I didn't miss it. I'm hoping someone can point me to a mod that allows you to assign broom mount-up to a single hotkey, instead of having to hold 'Tab' and then select '3'. Would be great to be able to set it to '5' or any unassigned key really. It would make the game much more immersive, and also stop me from occasionally accidentally using potions instead of mounting up as intended. It would also be cool for when you jump off high ledges, and just use a single hotkey to mount instead of basically pausing the game to mount.


Thanks so much to everyone making amazing mods; I'm impressed as always by people's ingenuity and speed!

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I did mine with AutoHotKey.

To be precise, I assigned the broomstick to double jump (that i have on Numpad2 key), but you can use the same script on any key.

here is the script, probably you need only what is after the Else:

#IfWinActive ahk_exe HogwartsLegacy.exe


KeyWait, Numpad2 ; wait to be released

KeyWait, Numpad2, D T0.2 ; and pressed again within 0.2 seconds

if ErrorLevel { ;single press

Send, {Numpad2}


Else { ;double press

Send, {TAB down}

Sleep, 300

Send, {3}

Sleep, 50

Send, {TAB up}

KeyWait, Numpad2



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