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Hogwarts Legacy

Requesting a couple of cosmetic mods


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I'd like to request a hair style mod. The braid one, but a longer braid and maybe an alt version with bangs on the front, please?
Are backpacks possible? like, different styles of backpacks to reflect the preferred magic - spells- classes of the character? things like...
Leather Backpack / leather satchel /

- with flasks, potions, herbs
-with scrolls, quill, books
-with stars hanging from it (like the bright broom) small telescope, compass
-with quidditch items, the ball, snitch, tiny broom replica hanging from the side

-with kitchen items, spoon, tiny cauldron, food
-with brushes, stains of paint, pencils, color flasks (paints), rolls of paper
-niffler plushie on the side, butterflies stuck to it, or fireflies, magical creature things

personalized for different interests like potion making, herbology, creature taming, monster hunting, arts, quidditch, cooking, astronomy...

Or maybe to personalize brooms or uniform cloaks if backpacks are not possible

honestly I wish I could mod just to try this myself and share it, but I have very little knowledge in it if any at all


and finally

a mod to have creature companions, I know the npc companions was already in the game just not implemented, so creature ones is not available yet. But being able to have creature - monster npcs follow you around, even if they dont help in combat, would be amazing...

I'd like to be exploring around or walking through hogwarts with a niffler or even a baby thestral


Thank you so much to modders for your works and making games more interesting and customized to each players need / desire / wants

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