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Is There this mod already or can one be made? All weapons unlocked Southern Weapons unlocked

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I have been trying to find a mod on here for Far Cry 2 where all weapons are unlocked, this includes the much better weaponry like the AS50 unlocked when the player travels south for Act II. However there does not seem to be one in existence.


Unless I am wrong? If so, could someone share the link with me please?


If there is not a mod like that in existence, then can someone who makes mods please make a mod for Far Cry 2 that specifically does that? It's a good suggestion and idea.


Far Cry 3 & 4 (I haven't played 5, ND or 6, so I don't know but there is probably a mod for those too) have mods where it is possible get the weaponry you unlock later in the game early at the start of the game. So it has got to be possible right?


So a mod that unlocks Act II weapons and upgrades after the tutorial stage in Act I.


Thanks to all comment and help out.



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