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oblivion playable gatekeeper problem


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i am having trouble deleting this post. please ignore it until i can find the delete button. thanks.




i have been using talkietoasters walkthrough to create playable creatures. i plan to make a playable version of all the creatures.

when i finally got to the gatekeeper, i hit a wall. he constantly crashes when loaded in the game but not in the editor.


my creature has all the required animations and bones listed in the walkthrough. does anyone know what could i possibly be missing?

the steps in the walkthrough worked for the other creatures i have tried.

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i have narrowed the problem down to the skeleton. if i give him a different skeleton he doesn't crash. he also takes on the first frame of an animation before crashing.

i believe the problem lies in that it is a different version number skeleton than the ones used by oblivion creatures, although i have no way to test this yet. any help would be appreciated.

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