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First Person vs. Third Person.....A perspective on Perspectives.


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I'm impressed with those people who swap between perspectives. I don't do that unless I want to check my armour and it's like looking in the mirror - there ought to be mirrors in TES.

I wouldn't be able to role play that swap easily... I find it a bit distracting when a  game itself cuts to third person - as it's me there if you see what I mean...

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I find that 3rd person is visually more attractive when you're creating content for other people, but 1st person is usually better in terms of control, at least in games that have alternative control methods based on the cameras' location. If i'm playing a game for myself, I generally stick to first person; if I think i'm gonna make a clip or video or something, then I tend to practice in 3rd person, even if its a bit worse experience for myself (I like the more rigid controls and faster feedback usually associated with 1st person).

Of course, then there are times when one system or another is either terribly designed, or you simply grow TOO used to one method and the other becomes detrimental anyways.

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