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Reusable stealth boy that consumes electrodes

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Hey so I noticed when playing that 1, stealth boys are way too unpractical as they are and 2, when you activate it and the animation plays it ejects this "electrode" thing (that's what the piece is referred to in the game files). I'm looking to have a simple mod made where instead of a Stealth boy consuming itself upon use, it consumes a special ammo type called something like "stealth boy charge" and it could be added to ammo box loot tables with a rare chance to spawn, somewhere around fusion core or mininuke chance. I went ahead and made a slightly edited model of the electrode thing which fixes the hole in the bottom ready for the inventory model in the unlikely event someone sees this and decides to make it.


before anyone suggests any already existing mods I've looked and almost every mod that edits stealth boys just makes the time longer or makes it so it never gets consumed which is way too op in my opinion. I did find one that was sort of similar to my idea, where you get a depleted stealth boy and craft a charged one at a chemistry workbench but that would be too tedious for me and I'd just default back to my current behavior of just letting them collect dust in my inventory lol.


if nothing else thanks for reading this!

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If you make a Stealth boy with no electrode/gap as well, I'll do this for you, should be easy.

I assume you'll want to find the electrodes pretty commonly?

Okay that should be easy, i can def do that for you. As for rarity I'd want it to be decently common enough to where i can use the thing but not so common that i wouldnt have to worry about how much I have left; id probably set it as like around 3 every time you find them and probably occur as often as fusion cores do in those ammo containers

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