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We have follower mods, quest mods, and mods that change what happens when you die, but I would like to see one that combines all of this.

A simple quest give by a M.A.S.H hospital Comander to locate and resque the crew of a downed vertibird. Sadly only one, near death survivor remains, the field medic. Now you call in a medivac vertibird for him and upon return your quest rewards would be.

The field medic as a custom follower, and instead reloading a prior save if you die the medic calls for you to be medivaced out. (possibly with a small, skippable cut scene)

The medivac brings you to possibly the custom location with the M.A.S.H unit you originally started the quest with or to a settlement you build up with M.A.S.H unit themed workshop items. Waking up on a hospital gurney that can also work like a Looks Menue surgical station.

And one extra bonus, although I’m not sure that it can be done, a few prothetic limbs added, through looks menu, that act like tattoo overlays instead of clothing or armor pieces, so that they can stay with you no matter what you are wearing.

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