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The great SNES


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I thought 10-2 was pure crap. Out of the PS titles I enjoyed 7 the best because of the great story and interesting characters. Out of the SNES titles I had a tough decision between 3 and 5. I own 3 on a cartridge and I thought the story was very interesting, and some of the weapons were pretty cool. I emulated 5 and I thought the job system was an amazing idea, it added a whole new world of depth to the game. Anyways, thats my opinion.
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Hi, i'm new...unfurtunately i've never owned a snes (still i watched my friends playing super mario all stars and i was like this :shocked: ) so a friend passed me the emulator and a lot of games and that's all I played emulated snes games all my life...(still I love them...specially yoshi's island)...thats not all, i've got a ps2 for xmas and after 3 months i burned my own cd with an emulator of snes for the ps2 :D i just turn up the ps2 and i'm playing old snes games
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