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How to reset all settings for a specific game?


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Is there some sort of way to just like fully set all settings for a specific game in the mod loader to default? I've tried going into the settings and couldn't find anything. Like I just want to simple just reset all setitngs to default for a specific installation, how do I do that?


There has got to be some sort of way to do this, theres no way Nexus overlooked something so simple as a button press.




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Also which "mod loader" are you using? It would be odd for different, unrelated mod managers to have the same settings menu, or an identical command to reset something. I can't imagine what you mean by "default". A new blank game profile has no mods or custom configuration of course, but that is not a "reset" of anything.


Someone mentioned in a post that Vortex has a function to "purge" all mods at once in a single game profile. I'm unfamiliar with that. However I don't imagine doing that would change any setting in Vortex itself.

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