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Creation of a mod - The Witcher 3

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Contract for the creation of a mod - The Witcher 3

Well, I know the community does these things for free, but I'm doing this as a last resort because I've been unable to achieve the result I want. If anyone is interested in creating a small and simple mod (or at least I think it is simple), please contact me first through this post. Payment for the work will be made by PayPal. It can be 5 or 10 dollars for everything.

I'd like to replace geralt's head with that of a character who believes in blender. I already have the model ready. I would just like it to be functional, that is, that the expressions go well and not be deformed.

However, I only have the blender model. The process of uncooking, editing, cooking and creating the mod is what I would be commissioning.

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