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Giving a storyline reason to travel to NV in TTW


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I have this idea going on in my mind for at least a while now:


You'd come across a pilot, probably Brotherhood with a stolen Enclave vertibird, somewhere around Adams. He'd say that he's been traveling all across with the helicopter for a while now and say he's discovered the Mojave Wasteland. He'd explain about the Mojave Express he came across along the way, which was one of plot points of New Vegas and say there'd be good pay for someone who'd take the job. He could also mention about the first battle of Hoover Dam, which occured the same time as Fallout 3.

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Choose another location~ AFB would be too late game stage~ Gamers dont always have late game saves just to check your mod, and might forget about it if proceed normally from start~


Rivet City aka aircraft carrier is one logical place to have a vertibird.

The overpass all over DC is several good flat point to have bird landing on it. 2 notable places are on other side of Arefu, over Girdershade.

Andale is nicely out of the way.

Or Paradise Falls. both have little wild spawns to affect your placement.

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