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Modded new pyromancies cannot be attuned


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Hello! I just got into modding DSR the other day. I use soulstuct by Grimrukh to do it because that seems like the easiest option so far.


One thing I am trying to do is adding new pyromancies. I managed to create one (both the spell itself and a "good" containing it) and add it to a shop, so it is in my inventory now. Everything looks good to me. However, when I try to attune it at a bonfire, it does not show up in the list at all (vanilla pyromancies do, the game it not broken fundamentally).


Everything I created started out as a copy of a standard pyromancy and I only changed what I was sure I understand (special effect, icon, animation variation and the flag to mark it a weapon buff). I would be grateful for any hints on what I might miss. Thanks in advance!

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