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The Chosen Ones and the Epic of Hope!


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[0] Other VenturesDC [0.0][0000]


LittleFateObserver always observes what is taking place but mostly, indirectly, through the LittleFateWatchers!


He grinsmiled as he picked up the book titled 'Why the Bombs will never fall; its just not logical' by Harold Abe Smith. Then the radghoulman put it into his shoulderbag. It was not food or of other kinds of important resources but he had good reason to keep it.


There was some muffled noise and he dropped quietly into a crouch, taking up his pipepistol, and then looked out of the bookshop to the partly destroyed shopping complex. The protectron stomped along beneath active emergency lights. It might have caused him trouble, may have even stun shot him, but instead it just moved on.


Close to the skeletal remains of a uniformed shop worker he had found a dropped, hiprize, NukaCola bottlecap; such were considered to be good currency but could gain him a useful prize from a NukaCola prize dispensing machine.


By the looks, of him, the radghoulman was a lowly scavenger. Yet as he dropped carefully chosen books, into his shoulderbag, it never seemed to fill up but, outwardly, staid the same. Into it went also some human bones, dollar notes of hard to forge plastic, a metric measurement ruler, a small book catalogue, plus a few more items.


Then he was moving on to the next shop that sold computer games and associated gear.


Harold Abe Smith had much more to do before he went home for the night!

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May the Goddess (God) bless and help protect us, our loved ones, and that which is truly ours.


Notes to be added, edited, etc. as the story of stories continue!


The supercontinent of North America and the former United States of Columbia, of an alternative Earth, formerly spread across most of North America and some places beyond! USC citizens are called Columbians as in the District of Columbia and the small, founding, city of Columbias that is in DC just as WashingtonDC is. Columbias was in the wrong geographical location to expand beyond being a small city.


The Chosen Ones of 13CO15! There are 13 Sets of 15 with each 15 being five 'originals' being able to extend out to two extras of themselves.

-SL5/15 SteelOrderhood Sarah, Selma, Signe, Sonya and Suzan

-JS5/15 TechVault101DC Jasmine, Jessica, Jillian, Jocelyn and Juniper

-MM5/15 TechVault101DC Mathew, Menzie, Michel, Morris and Murphy

-JO5/15 Reregulators JackOman, JessOman, JillOman, JohnOman and JuneOman


WashingtonDC of the District of Columbia! Federal Capital of the USC on the eastern coast of North America.


1899AD: Failed Trimartian Invasion leads to greater drive to fortify human cities and other locations.

Back engineered technologies arise from studied Trimartian tech.

Followed by biotech breakthroughs help destroy the Redweed except for carefully secured farms of the stuff that turns out to be very biotech useful.


1900AD: Invention of first, early, regenerative medical treatment.


1914AD: World War One begins with German Empire launching mass attack of armoured infantry, battletractors, battlemecha, airships and aeroplanes on Belgium and France.


1915AD: Mass, well verified, sighting of 'UFOs' over Paris, London, WashingtonDC, Peking and other major cities along with sites like Stonehenge, the 13 Ring Stones of Calculus and other such sites.


1916: World War One: mid war prohibition of gas warfare accepted by both sides.


1918AD: Days of the Flying Saucers ending World War One. Crashed saucers, of more than one faction, and skirmishes, lead to even further militarisation, fortification, efforts. Back engineered tech upgrades, and new techs, follow.


1921AD: Godzilla attacks Japan but is defeated with both bribery and superweapons.

Japanese cities are greatly fortified and the Japanese Military Forces upgraded. The same happens around the world as other nationstates fear attacks by monsters.


1940AD: Rise of the Axis and the Alliance; World War Two begins!


1946AD: Atomic Bombs Day as ending World War Two!


1965AD: Invention of the controversial mankini, a skimpy bikini designed for men to use!


1998AD: RedHive Crisis, Mysterious Pandemic and nuclear destruction of Racoon City by the USFG.


1999AD: Warday as ending World War Three!


2010AD: Secondary capital city established as WashingtonWS, Washington State, on the west coast of the mainland of the USC; this was done to make more efficient federal services to the western half, of the US Mainland, to have a reserve capital city in case of another big war.


2016AD: NukaCola Original begins to be sold!


2027AD: NukaCola Quantum fails to sell as it is put on probationary ban by the USFG (US Federal Government).


2099AD: Doomsday as ending World War Four!



Factions Locations DC


GaiaOrderhood as aligned with the SteelOrderhood. Based in CitadelDC.


Miscellaneous Orders aligned with the SteelOrderhood. Based in CitadelDC.




SUDC, Settlements Union of DC. Megaton, Rivertown, Rivetcity, Towertown...


SteelExiles being criminal outcasts from the SteelOrderhood.


SteelOrderhood based at CitadelDC.


SteelOutcasts created from the splintering from the SteelOrderhood.


SyndicatesDC, of organised crime being such as the Mercenaries, Slavers, Smugglers, Assassins, Thieves, Looters and Prostitution SyndicatesDC!


TechCorps such as WorldTech, VaultTech, WarTech, RoboTech, WestTech, AutoTech, AeroTech, FutureTech, GenTech and FunTech.


TechOrderhood as aligned with the SteelOrderhood.



TechVault001DC, Show TechVault with museum and short term stays etc.

TechVault087DC, Of supermutation experimental program of projects.

TechVault101DC, Of one way isolationist experimental program of projects.

TechVault108DC, Of cloning program of experimental program of projects.

TechVault111DC, Of doppelganger infiltration experiment program of projects.

TechVault619DC, Of sexual experiment.

TechVault666DC. Of the deadly sins experiment.


War Underworld of Skaro!?

Colour Key as Generally Mixed, Generally Good, Generally Evil, Generally Neutral

-Cymans (Cylons/Cymans)

-Gaiagari (Gaiagari/Gaiaguardians)

-Kelads (Daleksdom with Daleks/Kelads)

-Mastercloners (Mastercloners/Masserclones/Sontarans)

-Mondoes (Cyberforce Empire with Cybermen/Mondorockers)

-TechCorps: Skarotech and its TechVaults, TechShelters and TechBunkers.

-Thals (Thals/Psythals)

-Vienichant (Vienichant)

-Zakenzie (Zakenzie/The Great Intelligence with Autons)


NukaCola Products

-NukaCola Original, NukaCola Original Diet, NukaCola Cherry, NukaCola Cherry Diet

-NukaCola Quantum, NukaCola Atomic

-NukaSoda Original, NukaSoda Original Diet

-NukaCoffee, White Sweet, Brown Mild, Black Bitter

-NukaJuice Citrus, NukaJuice Tropical, NukaJuice Apple


-NukaCake, NukaChewbar, NukaChocbar

-NukaMeal, NukaMeal Supersized, NukaBurger, NukaFries, NukaHotdog.

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[1] Early VenturesDC [1.1][0001]


LittleFateObserver always observes what is taking place but mostly, indirectly, through the LittleFateWatchers!


Jocelyn Starstrong had heard of the theory of the 'isolationist experiment' being carried out with the techvault that she had lived most of her life in! Now, hacking into the OCSN, the Overseeing Coordinating Supervisory Network, supercomputer network-system, she confirmed it. On the smart-terminal screen, as officially used by her father James, ran data to do with the experiment's background and the history of it being carried out.


TechVault101DC was completed in 2095DC with people starting to populate it just one year later. Officially it was firstly part Shelter101DC, part Vault101DC and part Rimzone101DC but other features were added being Caves101DC, Semivaults101DC and Demivaults101DC. Were there others. She, her sisters, brothers, parents and others had grown up in Demivault101DC as ruled by its own, secondary, OCSN. They had come from the mysterious Octagon03DC of an underground research, development and prototype production-testing complex, amongst other things!


Now she saw that TechVault101DC was linked with Octagon03DC though all she could find was a vague reference to the fact. The Starstrong group had managed to travel across the WastelandsDC from the underground complex to the one she was currently in. There was no real information about Octagon03DC either. Still, it was good to have the confirmation that she had been seeking!


The pajamas clad teenwoman, of her 16th birthday that day, psysensed somebody else there being familiar to her and she looked around.


His father, in his vaultsuit, spoke up from where he stood at the open doorway to his bedroom that he sometimes shared with his wife, Catherine. "So, hacking into my terminal just as I suspected one of you girls would. You, Jocelyn, Jessica, Jillian and Juniper would be very likely to try such tricks."


She looked around, the fairly bleak but crowded chamber, to where Dogmeet was lying down with his head on his paws. "Sweet Dogmeet might try it!"


Dogmeet grumbled softly and closed his Alsatian eyes as if in denial of the idea.


Jasmine sighed. "Okay, I wanted to know more about the isolationist experiment story, linked to TechVault101DC, to try to learn how real it is. It seems to be an actual experiment but why is it linked with the hidden Octagon03DC?"

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Note: Did some changes to Post #3 Above by cutting text from there to paste it here to reduce the size of posts!


[1] Early VenturesDC [1.2][0002]


James frowned softly. "We Starstrongs, and some companions, were chosen to come here from the Octagon03DC; that is selected, and bargained to come here, from the failed Program Purification! As you know it was a research development program, of projects, to rejuvenate the genetics of WastelandsDC lifeforms including, of course, humanity! That is to counter genetic defects, in the DNA, as inherited from Doomsday and its aftermath. Please do not attempt to hack into my terminal again; I do not want to give the damned Demivault101DC Overseer an excuse to take that smart-terminal off me. Next time come and ask me!"


She refrained from stating that she, and her sisters, had attempted that before and that it had come to nothing but a few evasive, frustrating, responses.


Then she sighed. "Want some lunch? I will microheat lunch time mealpacks for those of us who are here in the extended apartment."


He nodded, absently, as if no longer fully focused on her. "Those and coffees!"


Jocelyn was home, also wearing pyjamas though of a different type of basic pattern as produced by one of the techvault's manufactories. She had done some homework using the girls' shared semismart-terminal while Jasmine had, previously to trying to hack into their father's smart-terminal, had been sorting newly contributed goods for the Sportsclub101DC.


That is two 5.6mmRSC boltrifles, bolt-action rifles, a small box of loose 5.6mmRSC ammo, a short javelin, a well fixed indoors sports handfootball and some odds and ends. Sorting meant working with the inventory ledgers of the club along with other books. Because of DCS bureaucracy she signed, and stamped, an invoice taken out of a booklet full of them that would be sent to the TechVault101DC Allocations Office.


Since radroach troubles had increased, at the outer edge of Demivault101DC, the J5 had focused on preparing the possibility that they might join, or even form, a group that would try to deal with them.


Lately, their five brothers had lived with their mother, Catherine, who sometimes visited to share James' bed and to be with the five sisters. James, in turn, would visit Catherine's apartment. Neither seemed to want to spend overly much time with each other.


The multiple purpose commonroom had a kitchenette, a lounge area, a large multiple use table, some storage lockers, a cable 3DTV along with a few other bits of furniture, a few fittings and even decorations. A short row, of VaultTech public relations posters, were surprisingly colourful even if somewhat meaningless when it came to their attempts to inform and educate. There were five NukaCola Original bottles filled with layers of different coloured materials and next to that five VaultTech bobbleheads of collectors' items.

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[1] Early VenturesDC [1.3][0003]


James came into the commonroom, from his bedroom, and sat down at the table. While there was some rationed fresh food, given to most, only the elites had it all the time along with a few other favoured ones. He frowned at both teenwomen. "As I told Jasmine, no more touching my smart-terminal with out my permission and me being there. Thankfully TechVault Security did not pick it up!"


Jocelyn snorted. "Security couldn't pick up a brick with both hands and the help of a MrHandy robot!"


James grinned mildly in bemusement. "Generally true but you just might run into some bad luck. Also there is more to concern yourself with than those bumblers. They have no official name but they are far more dangerous than VaultSecurity. Those few who know about them, that is outside of some of the elites and those who serve them, call them the VaultShadows for want of a better term. I am taking a risk in talking about them even here though I have made efforts to secure this apartment. They have expert infiltrators even amongst most of the elites, they bug the whole telecommunications network-system including access to all general security systems, and they have other tricks up their sleeves. They seem to be based in a TechVault101DC Zone that is not on any official 3Dmap or 2Dmap or in any form."


Dogmeet sniffed the air as being ventilated from grid protected vents high in the walls. His snout wrinkled up, something struck the grid but then scuttled away before the canine could make any real noise; it was proven to be a typical, large, radroach but how had it gotten into the ventilation network?

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[0] Other VenturesDC [0.0][0000]


LittleFateObserver always observes what is taking place but mostly, indirectly, through the LittleFateWatchers!


While the smell was horrible, as they often were in the Wastelands, it was also disturbingly strange. The Wanderer stood back and quietly observed the strange mannequin like humanoids stumble past with worn open sections, in the bioplastic frame, showing rotting flesh beneath. As they began to move away, past, him along that wide utility style tunnel, he shot each with his specialised dartpistol as the Wanderer granted merciful death to each of them. Or at least that is how he liked to think of what he did in his ragtag style, scavenger type, gear. The dartgun was far more sophisticated, including in its appearance, than what ever else he carried but that was partly illusion.


Then the last one was dead!


Radgangers, whose territory was close, had wandered into the Multiplusmart Complex of shops and service centres. They had fled in terror for, despite their drug boosted courage, they tended to be highly superstitious. Word had thus spread from them to other denizens of GDC, Greater District of Columbia as expanded in the late 21st Century. The Wanderer had been 'brought' to that place to find out what it meant but all he had found was the one, pathetic, group of mannebies (mannequin zombies) as had been found in other places.


So he went 'shopping', convincing the active computer network he was a legitimate customer and using carefully gathered EIDs (Emergency Issue Dollars) to pay for goods. He bought preserved groceries, a couple of books, small tools, stationery, non prescription medicines, bandages, canned foods and more including some regulated stimpaks.


One of the books amused him, just by the cover, being 'Why the Bombs will never fall; its just not logical' by Harold Abe Smith. He hoped it would be as amusing a read as had been other works by the rather cynical, obviously false, prophet.


The items having vanished, kind of magically, into his compact backpack he took a further look around. He was making sure that no other poor entities existed, in that place, for him to mercy terminate but he found none, thankfully.

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[1] Early VenturesDC [2.1][0004]


LittleFateObserver always observes what is taking place but mostly, indirectly, through the LittleFateWatchers!


Jasmene waggled her finger at the radroaches, that she had enticed to come out of the ventilation system and into the hidden chamber close to the Starstrong Apartment inside Demivault101DC. Officially it was not there along with the tunnel that linked it to the actual apartment. Somebody had once used it as a petty criminal operating in the techvault secret market. He had been, according to hacked criminal records, murdered by others, like him, whom he had foolishly cheated.


Admonished for being 'cheeky chops', the radroaches dutifully ate their lovely food, at least it was so by their standards.


Jasmene spoke. "So, psychic impression fashion, you have stated that something very nasty chased you through an open grill into the ventilation network. You seemed to have been in another hidden chamber, at least officially so, but one filled with also sorts of human smelling 'things'. You were there, eating from a heap of wonderful rubbish, when you were startled by creatures like, but unlike, you! They had claws, scorpion like tails and spat spines or so I work out from your multiple sensory impressions."


Roachmiit, another special animal companion as Dogmeet was, was a furroach being radroach like but covered with fur over the back and being less insect like in general. Being just a little jealous, of the radroaches, she was taking up Jasmene's lap in a fashion strongly hinting that she was not willing to share it.


The young woman had looked up the JJ5's datafiles, in their jury rigged DTC, desktop computer, and found no mentioned creature fitting those details, not even any vaguely known ones! The radroaches had smelt the creatures, bigger than themselves, that could not fit into the particular vent tunnel that they had escaped through. They had certainly smelt them as almost like themselves but with a disturbing, minor, difference in odor.


In her own psychic fashion, Roachmiit had verified that the radroaches were correct in their observations. The radroaches would live in a rougher chamber, more cave like, next to that one eating provided rubbish and pooping on a large tray. Radroach poop was good as a basis for fertiliser and in helping to make compost, both being valuable for TechVault101DC agriculture, rest-recreational gardens and related needs.


Jasmene reached out, through their psychic link, to inform her four sisters of what she had learned, so urgent was it when it came to TechVault101DC's safety and security.


In a corner a large machine, with many blinking lights, suddenly made a 'bing' noise for no particularly good reason.

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[1] Early VenturesDC [3.1][0005]


LittleFateObserver always observes what is taking place but mostly, indirectly, through the LittleFateWatchers!


The SteelOrderhood completed its final occupation phase, of CitadelDC, with the arrival of the 3rd Air Convoy from distant California. It came mostly as tough, well designed, but non permanent balloonships; then there were airships, more sophisticated aeroships of fewer numbers, long range hubcopters and one massive, atomic, aircraft known as the HellionBC1. It was one of a small number of first production stage prototypes made after the creation of earlier development prototypes.


The HellionBC1 came down as a VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) jumpjet though it could also operate as an STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) sprintjet. It brought with it a highly valuable set of technologies and cargo but also a few exotic extras.


The radgangers, of radhuman Street Butchers, were a kilometre from the outermost defense-security boundary of CitadelDC that the Ponatomic River flowed past a large part of. The midtech, and lotech, equipped radgangers looked with understandable envy upon the hitech, and a few bits of supertech, as used by the SteelOrderhood.


The operation had been well prepared for, at ground level, and by the incoming fleet. It was quickly dealt with and completed. The balloonships were being broken up already, the balloons being emptied of inert xhydrogetn that was process hydrogen; it had less lifting power than hydrogen, was as safe as helium but far easier to obtain than was helium. There were only a few, scattered, secured stocks of helium left that were all hidden away.


Along with the SteelOrderhood came the FaithOrderhood, the TechOrderhood, and Miscellaneous Orders along with a fair few refugees rescued from growing troubles in various areas; there were also a few, odd, extra folk.

Wild supermutant, along with their slimy, tentacled, zyclops, passed close to the massive, low hulking fortress but they knew better than to get too close. 'Wild' mean they they belonged to none of the more ordered mutant clans. They were not even of the numerous mutant tribes that were barely more disciplined than their wild cousins were.


Amongst the other 'prize loot' that the supermutants sought, they thirsted greatly for NukaCola Quantum that they were lightly addicted to; most thought this rather strange; they only used it to do such as fuel exotic engines or to strip grease from serviced engines. If zyclops were given a chance, to drink the glowing substance, it was no good as they had a fairly strong chance of exploding, messily.

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[0] Other VenturesDC [0.0][0000]


LittleFateObserver always observed what was taking place but mostly, indirectly, through the LittleFateWatchers!


They called it by its 'official name' being Game Testing Zone #231 but also by the chosen one of Hopeland as centered on four major settlements of one city and three towns. TZ231 was a stretched out version of WashingtonDC with spare copies of some landmarks and a few not existing in the primary WashingtonDC. It had a functioning subway network but with only some lines being busy. It was far less damaged than was WashingtonDC but was also lightly populated by people, even more civilised types of radghouls.


Harold Abe Smith took an electric taxicar along National Avenue, fringing the National Mall and the 13 Commonwealth Towers that were part of the US Commonwealths Complex. Each of the Commonwealth Towers represented a different commonwealth as in a representational team including envoy as they dealt with the USFG (US Federal Government) and each other. Mostly intact the towers now served other purposes as in for the Hopeland Commonwealth Government.


Once, at home, in the 2034AD built US Heroes Tower, he entered the over large apartment that he shared with an odd mixture of misfits who served useful purposes for the government. Nora Knows, the investigative reporter, poured him a mug from a fresh brew of coffee before adding just a dash of fresh cow's milk of the 'cream on top' variety.


Shandy Smith O'Brien, the real name of Nora Knows, spoke as a sharply attractive redhead. "The professors ran DNA tests on the bones you gathered and sent to them. It may well be enough to clone at least the one woman to be born to a surrogate mother with at least some intact memories of her past. The Wanderer is sleeping in his amazing bedroom after he dealt with more of those pitiful horrors of mannebies (mannequin zombies) but also obtained some useful goods."


Harold was amused, bemused, to learn that one of them was a copy of his most famous, published, books. Despite his efforts to convince people it was not meant to be taken too seriously it had gained a great deal of controversy, a congressional inquiry, hate electronic mail and an investigation by the dreaded Patriotic Police that, thankfully, came to nothing; this was because Doomsday got in the way of Harold being jailed along with him smartly going to ground.


Those, living in Hopeland, did not grow older while they were there but having children seemed somehow more difficult though no Hopelanders had managed to work out why; they had certainly tried hard enough to do so.


He spoke. "Copies, of that book, never cease to haunt me! Surprisingly few people picked up on the hidden, heavily coded, messages I put into the publication though I, myself, can not remember their meaning; it was as if I was under some kind of powerful-subtle influence at the time. Want to have another try at having a baby?"


She smiled at her husband. "Okay!"


They went off, together, to their shared bedroom!

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[1] Early VenturesDC [4.1][0006]


LittleFateObserver always observes what is taking place but mostly, indirectly, through the LittleFateWatchers!


Dogmeet, Roachmiit, Catmaat, Hawkmoot and Lizardmuut ran around happily, wildly along with a growing number of radroaches, radrats, radmice, mice and even a radmole.


Jessica sat down with them all in front of her and pointed out that they were all 'cheeky chops' and that she would never be so silly as they had just been.


Soon after all of the animals were playing again but this time Jesmine had joined them in the lounge area of the secret chamber; they had great fun as 'cheeky chops' one and all.


In a corner the bulky machine, with many blinking lights, went 'bing, bing'.

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