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The Chosen Ones and the Epic of Hope!


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[0] Other VenturesDC [0.0][0000]


LittleFateObserver always observed what was taking place but mostly, indirectly, through the LittleFateWatchers!


Harold Abe Smith was embarrassed to be elected President of GTZ231 though his wife, Shandy Smith O'Brien pointed out it was largely a ceremonial position. He presided over citizenship ceremonies of people who materialised but who had only vague memories of their origins. Groups of them were appearing in increasingly larger groups while doing so more frequently.


Shandy sat at her desk, studying her DTC 3Dscreen. "How many GTZs (Game Testing Zones) are there?"


Harold was comfortably lying on a couch. "Only a few are known of certainly. GTZ001 is a great, open, plain that seems to have no real function to it though it does have basic flora, fauna and fungi along with some featureless structures like simple artworks. GTZ085 is a great testing maze of possible tempdeath but also prizes. It has obstacles, challenges and threats."


Shandy spoke. "GTZ111 is a large 3DTV studio complex."


Harold added to the list of known sites. "GTZ167 is the interior of big techvault though with out any number or other forms of identification."


Shandy did the same. "GTZ231 is here while GTZ266 is the interior of a zetan mothership. GTZ333 is nearly impossible to define as it is made up of over 100 smaller testing subzones of great variation of purpose."


They came to a halt, as did the list, for there were only hints at what other GTZs might be 'out there'. Was it important to learn more? The married couple had a subtle, but strong, feeling that it was.


Air raid sirens began to shriek through out the urban landscape and it turned out not to be a drill.

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[1] Early VenturesDC [27.1][0036]


LittleFateObserver always observed what was taking place but mostly, indirectly, through the LittleFateWatchers!


With the Chosenzone being focused in TechVault101DC, Sarah Lyons found herself both inside and outside of it, with her people being only in Megaton. The LyonsPriders staid in a bought structure in Outer Megaton that was the start of the TriOrderhood Outpost there.


Sarah studied a few basically printed information sheets published by the Megaton Town Council. They were politically driven propaganda but they also held some useful data such as a crude map of the settlement. She sat at a basic table with Vargas sitting opposite her. Other LyonsPriders were busy in the chamber and like, the pair, were not in their power armour; it was good not to be inside it at times.


Sarah frowned softly. "Though the Church of Atom refuses to believe it, the Atomic Bomb is a fake; that is the one at the bottom of the crater in the large pool of water there. Or at least SteelOrderhood Intelligence has picked up! Rain water reaches the pool from above, coming down through holes in the dome." She sighed. "There is something about 'Megaton' that does not quite add up."


Vargas nodded, thoughtfully. "You often say those words but you are always right with your instincts; any idea of what doesn't add up?"


"The crater is the type that was left behind by rare disintegration warheads but all such known weapons were extremely powerful because of design limitations. The typical craters are massive and yet the Megaton one is very small when compared to any of them." She went on speaking. "No gathered intelligence indicates that there was anything, at these coordinates, worth using a secret weapon against which a small disintegration superweapon must have been. Of course that does not mean a great deal considering the relatively small amount of Predoomsday security data held by our people."


She closed her eyes, as if focusing sharply, and it happened on a clear area of tabletop; there were a soft shimmering and three books, copies of the same publication, materialised there along with two supplies flatcanisters of a kind often used before Doomsday. "I just used something called a 'random chance' to assist in our current quest."


Vargas gave her an odd look. "Perhaps it is time you informed LyonsPride of what is really going on."


Sarah sighed. "Very well except there hard limitations to what I do know. We need some reasonable quality coffee along with a decent meal."


It turned out that one of the flatcanisters provided good quality cupcans of coffee, Class A MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) and even some field rations chocolate bars.

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Note: Continued on from previous Post #52.


[1] Early VenturesDC [27.2][0037]


The books each opened up to explain the role of the Chosen Ones as having been sent from the Gamerworld to the gameworld region of GDC (Greater District of Columbia) to discover just 'what was going wrong'. Except that they had been given very little information except that it was the Gamergods who had sent them through the Gamerlords Network. As an example of how poor was their knowledge, the Chosen Ones did not know what the Gamergods were and knew very little about the Gamerlords while having only vague impressions of an isolated part of the Gamerworld.


Each book went on with sections about the GDC, DC and WashingtonDC in particular. Then there sections on the whole of the former US Mainland and a very general one about the Postdoomsday Earth. Last of all were miscellaneous sections of the Chosen Ones, Cheating as only they could carry out through the use of more powerful codes; a wider range of 'characters' could use less potent cheat codes. Why this was so they had only some theories.


Vargas spoke for Sarah had treated reading out one of the books as a briefing attended by commissioned officers and NCOs along with general troopers in the background. "So the gameworld has been becoming slowly-steadily more elaborate as in the multiplication of specific, listed, items and sub variations of them; what is the harm in that?"


Sarah shrugged just a little. "The Gamergods seem to have meant the process to be far more controlled than that but what are defined as 'items'? A broom, an electric scooter, a can of baked beans, an autopistol or an eyebot? Not only the items have becoming more varied but the definition, of the list, has been changing."


Questions were allowed by all officers and then by general troopers but they had to be pertinent. Though some good ideas came out of the discussion the biggest result was the conclusion that much more information had to be gained for any answers so far had led to many more questions.

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[0] Other VenturesDC [0.0][0000]


LittleFateObserver always observed what was taking place but mostly, indirectly, through the LittleFateWatchers!


The GOZ, Game Objects Zone, was a crazy planned 3Dmaze, if the word 'plan' could be used at all. A vast space held three Zetan Motherships of relatively small, medium and large size as in even the smallest was still truly massive. The zetans were nomadic and had been ever since they had rebelled against the Greys to become free; it was constantly debated if the crazy Greys had actually let the zetans go, or not, for the elite tier castes could easily have destroyed the zetans but did not do so.


Not that the zetans were the only ones to become constantly fearful, moving, hiding after escaping. A great organic Yetor Mothership was a clump of clumps extruding great tentacles and other limbs. Yetors were very different from zetans but both were far less alien, to humans, than were the higher tiers of the Greys, especially the seemingly impossible to define top most one.


They most terrible Greyquaari Overmastership would have easily outsized all the other craft there if they had been counted as one. Smaller, lesser, masterships were dotted around it. Its very presence was somehow pronounced though in no obvious manner but in an extremely menacing one; none of the middle, or lesser, Greyquaari Tier Castes came from there.


But there was something far worse than it and yet even harder to truly define being a shapeless, very hard to discern properly, patch of 'darkest darkness'.


There was the sphere of rainbow-yellow-white glowing energies that was the only object there that gave the impression that it had the power to at least drive back the 'shadowless shadow', that is a shadow that is thrown by nothing or at least nothing in the normal sense.


In the distance, from those, were more being in their own great 3D space. There were human atomic rocketships, saucercraft of other alien species, cigar shaped craft of the notorious peepers, Skynet orbitals with other Skynet machines and much else besides.


Yet there were new 'things' that seemed to be emerging into existence, becoming more solid! These were also in their own 3D area but this one was just as big as both of the others combined.

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[1] Early VenturesDC [28.1][0038]


LittleFateObserver always observed what was taking place but mostly, indirectly, through the LittleFateWatchers!


Combat, survival, surveillance androids came into the GDC, then into DC and finally into WashingtonDC from the south-west-west of the depths of South North America. They came as five Chosen Ones and their people including animadroids of animal like androids. In appearance like Paratrooper Special Forces, they also bore the same kind of gear of which some went back to post WW2. That is most of them bore refined, upgraded, augmented AKM06 Autopistols and AKM16 Autocarbines.


Reilly's Rangers were there to check out a long list, cut into sublists, of target locations. Being sophisticated ClassA Replidroids, in leadership, they were supported by ClassBs, robots and battlehounds. In lighter, more agile, assault power armour, the humanoids kept to side streets and open ended laneways as they carefully avoided dead ends.


At one stage they were threatened by a recorded voice broadcast from a PA system but they went around that block with ease, pausing to make safe some mininuke booby-traps and to leave some warnings about the rest.


So it was that they entered the waiting base that was hidden in a typical suburban structure. It became the Rangers' Compound of Reilly's Rangers complete with waiting equipment-supplies, fabricated backgrounds, mission parameters and so much else. From there the Five Reillys, and their group, could enter the Chosenzone which the five did; the others would mostly take turns going there.


It was not long before Lieutenant Ripley Reilly headed out with a squad supported by additional elements and auxiliaries; the first were ClassB Replidroids and animadroids while the last were eyebots and MrScouts like small, fast, versions of MrGutsys that were bigger, better armour-armed, than were the eyebots.


Through a maze, of utility tunnels, they entered the Capital Building outskirts as they found that security systems were inactive or easily hacked by such as they. Gaining valuable rewards from doing so, they charted the area, gathered data, made multiple recordings but knew that the RRs would need to return. They were after the very secret of the CapitalVaultDC meant for politicians, bureaucrats, those who served them and their families etc. to seek shelter in.

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Note: Moved from last Post.


[1] Early VenturesDC [28.2][0039]


Ripley crouched over the desiccated corpse, dried out and shrunken, of a Talonfang Mercenary. It reminded her somewhat of shrunken heads that she had seen on a 3Dscreen but also in the Secret Academy Museum. The body-armour, and weapons, of the thug-mercenary had done him no good at all and the same was true of the others in the mildly noise, active, utility chamber. Clearly the mercs had been using it as an outpost but why had they been contracted to go there. It was no real surprise that no written instructions were found, not even coded ones.


Ripley spoke to her people. "While this kind of 'feeding threat' is weaker against our kind than it is the living, we need to be most careful with the mission to find the CapitalVaultDC. Notice the taking of blood, liquefied flesh and some auric base life energies. Look to your databanks and you will note that such 'feeding deaths' were taking place even before Doomsday and were linked to Warday that ended WW3. The XFISA (XFiles Investigation Security Agency) took a major role in dealing with that exotic threat and others such as the zetan raids, New York's mutant monster alligators and what were known as RERs, rogue experimental results. Time to go back to the compound but with these bodies and their stuff; they will need to be investigated."


That is what they did!

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[1] Early VenturesDC [29.1][0040]


LittleFateObserver always observed what was taking place but mostly, indirectly, through the LittleFateWatchers!


It was decided that there would always be the foundational Chosen Ones in the Chosenzone; they wer the Five Reillys, the Demivault101DC01 linked Jsisters, the Caves101DC linked Mbrothers, the CitadelDC linked Ssisters, the Lbrothers linked with the 13G13, JOsiblings of the WastelandsDC and the amazing five animals that could have been Chosen Ones.


Outside, of the Chosenzone, the secondary sets of five began to work as teams of five.


The Reillys Rangers pulled back from investigating the Capital Building, for now, and disarmed the booby-trapped area. They found the paranoid man, who had rigged the kill zone, was long dead in his highly fortified safe room. Old age had killed him with his only companion being a fairly basic female android programmed to care for him. The place was very well equipped and supplied, was functioning nicely, was well secured though largely semiactive. The RRs gave the man a decent burial and then turned the position into an outpost.


The Sentinel Sisters, of a shared rank, gathered at Megaton where they were soon investigating the mystery of the Megaton Crater. They were soon in contact with the amazing Moira Brown, her uncle the professor and other primary characters in that quite important SUDC Settlement.


The five Jsisters began to explore the fake Mainvault101DC now given the title of Fakevault101DC for practical reasons. It had a strong population but one far smaller than the real Mainvault101DC was supposed to have. At first it only seemed to be a downsized version of Mainvault101DC.


The five Mbrothers focused on dealing with the radroacher threat as they entered deeper into Caves101DC that had only been lightly explored by previous teams from TechVault101DC. They found abandoned, sealed up, bunkers and carefully stored VaultTech machinery soon earmarked for future vaultfolk use. Refugees continued to arrive at the regulated Caves101DC after travelling through the unregulated area, the Mbrothers assisting them as best that they could. Then the Mbrothers went beyond the official boundaries of Caves101DC.


The Oman Siblings, of Reregulators, discovered that the autorobotics were now building a network of new, and repaired, roads between the Skyfaller Settlements. Soon railways would follow and then other networks. Did the autorobotics serve the Skyfallers and if so how had that come about?


The Lbrothers were expelled from the RaniTARDIS but so where the 13G13 who then abruptly departed, her amazing Timelord machine dematerialising away to an unknown destination. The 13G13 pretended to be enraged but it was easy for the biodroids to realise they were far more relieved to be rid of her than they were angry; even they had found her hard to deal with at times.


The amazing five animals were discovered to be not Chosen Ones but Chosen Companions and they remained in both the Chosenzone and Demivault101DC.

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[1] Early VenturesDC [30.1][0041]


LittleFateObserver always observed what was taking place but mostly, indirectly, through the LittleFateWatchers!


The Sentinel Sisters moved around Megaton in their fatigues so as to play the part of soldiers attempting to relax and getting to know the locals. Moria Brown's Extraordinary Emporium was one of their first points of interest as Sarah found herself carefully avoiding being 'volunteered' to help with Moira's Wastelands Survival Guide. She, and her four comrades, did some fixing up around the emporium, meeting Moira's shop assistant, personal assistant and bodyguard; they all turned out to be quite advanced androids which somehow fitted the situation.


Selma entered Colin Moriarty's Games'n'Girls Saloon with much caution but soon found that she, and her four comrades, were avoided, they being body-armoured and well armed despite they not being in their power armour. Selma spoke with Gob, the radghoulman serving at the bar, and then Nova, the attractive prostitute who sat to one side waiting for customers to approach her for 'a night of companionship' that they had to pay for, of course. Other girls strip danced on a stage and were paid for 'private dances'.


Selma spoke with Sheriff Lucas Simms who had been the first sheriff to exist of the Settlements Union Law Enforcers Network. Sheriffs had come to exist at all SUDC Settlements except the very smallest that had each a Special Deputy. They were backed up by SUDC Rangers and Militias.


Lucas was highly suspicious of a man named Mr Burke who hung out at the Games'n'Girls Saloon at times but at others at Moriarty's other business of the Odds and Ends Shop if he was not at his house, alone. Selma promised assistance to learn more about the disturbing Mr Burke who was whispered to be linked to the notorious Tenpenny Family, of the Tenpenny Towers, and the SyndicatesDC based at the settlement of Paradise Falls.


Sigma. and her people, helped Walter Waterman to fix up the Megaton Water Treatment Plant and then leaking pipes. She promised extra, free, support including the providing of a MrHandy robot.

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