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Question: frenzied flame madness effect


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I am totally new to this whole playing mod thing and new to the whole nexus, I don't really understand anything and was wondering if it's at all possible to even mod the madness effect to be useful for pve, and make a frenzied flame build that can actually tackle pve and not totally be brokenly weak, I know frenzied flame is mainly a pvp type of spell and it is totally strong their, but I never pvp and just want to try using the spell in pve, but as it is now, its way too weak to do so.

Is it possible to mod the madness effect to proc on all enemies?
Is it possible to make the mod compatible with seamless mod?

Is it possible to make it so that it doesn't require any other sort of installs like ModEngine 2 but recommend it like what some mods do, I don't have that and I try not to use too many mods in elden ring, mainly seamless and moxie.


These are really my main questions, as I am quite curious about it, but my last question is:

How do I go about request someone to make a mod?

Do I just make another forum post here like I did just now when asking questions?

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