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Ideas for modders


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First time using this site, sorry for bad english. Also I haven't finished the game so if I ask for something that it's already there I apologize.


I really liked Wartales and I LOVE modding games. I respect modders for the service they provide for a lot of users, and I understand that making a mod for a game is not an easy task. Specially if the game doesn't provide the tools to make a mod (at least that's what I understand). Having said that, I was really sad to see that there aren't many mods for this game out there (only 1 at the moment of writing). And I really think that Wartales has some aspects that could be polished with minor mods, as well as a lot of potential for awesome mods that change or expand the way we play.


So let's get to the idea already, I only have one but feel free to share yours.


Make mages. I was thinking about this while I was playing and it really filled my brain with ideas, this would change the game in a lot of ways (mages in a lot of games tend to be OP). First, the game would need a new attribute for the mages to put points in it and scalate their damage, the modders could go with the same sistem in D&D and add inteligence. The inteligence attribute would give a (small/normal. Depends on modder) bonus to combat/work XP (giving incentive for other classes to put points in inteligence) and an increase in damage for spells. Second, the mages would need their own items, such as armor to increase their intelligence (too broken, would preffer if the armor just increases their spell damage). The weapon that would allow the mages to use spells would be a book (scroll, wand, amulet, etc) they can equip in their hand, there could be basic ones (allows to shoot a weak magic blast or something like that) and special ones (that allows to use spells with different capabilities, like cantrips in D&D) just like other weapons. Third, the specialitations could be limitless, but here are the ones I've thinked. Arcane, classic balanced mage that focuses on damage and utility (like Ryze from LOL). Pyromantic (just like Dark Souls), mages that do a lot of damage and burn. Healer, they would cure or revive players. Honorable mentions (Enchanter, Warlock, Priest, Battlemage). Fourth, mages in the late game tend to be BROKEN and help with a lot of things outside of the battle, so it would be interesting if they could use abilities in the outworld (like teleportation, bags of holding or wishes).


I know this is too much to ask, maybe it's even impossible to make. But I feeled that I needed to share this with someone. Thanks for reading.


TL;DR: add mages to wartales.

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