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[Request] Discord Rich Presence


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* Dark Souls - Prepare to Die Edition + Dark Souls Remastered

As the title already says and going straight to the point: I think it would be interesting for From Software games in general to have some details to share with your friends list on Discord. Perhaps showing the location of the map you are currently in, the percentage of life, which area or boss you are currently facing, among some other details that could be really cool with images and some simple texts on each profile. If it were possible to make a secure integration with the game's online mode on Steam, it would be a plus, but not mandatory of course.
Some games already have something similar and I think it's really cool to see visually, such as: Hollow Knight (with mod), HADES, The Messenger and many others. I think that an extra affection for these Soulslike titles would certainly be welcome. :happy:
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