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Bringing Jyggalag And The Knights Of Order to Skyrim + Avatar Of Akato


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I was browsing some resource files and found some great models and was hoping someone could help me use them, I'd like to create the Knights of Order (already rigged to human skeleton) the Priests of Order (rigged to Dragon Priest skeleton) and Jyggalag himself to Skyrim (Jyggalag rigged to giant)


I have all of the required files downloaded, singled out and ready, I just need assistance in creating Jyggalag himself in the game and a temple to add them too.


Skype me at Brian.Mccullar1 if you would like to help or message me here, I'd love to see this get done, I'm an amateur at the creation kit but I am learning fast.



Also I have a mesh and some textures that I would like rigged to Skyrims' dragon skeleton, if anyone could please help me I would GREATLY appreciate it, I actually have a quest idea planned for it, fans of Oblivion will love it for sure ;)

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