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Does anyone have any tutorials for doing model swaps?


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Not a mod request as such, I'm interested in trying to mod myself.

People are already doing model/texture swapping, and I'm wondering if anyone has any literature on the subject.


Google has been unhelpful when looking for info on how to mod this specific game, but I know that the game runs on Unreal Engine 4, so maybe some known methods from that are applicable?

Sadly, I don't have a well of experience to draw on on this engine, so if anyone can point me towards a method that works, I would be most grateful.


Thank you.


Upon reflection it has occured to me that when I say model swaps, people might think that I am talking about fully rigged player models.
What I am talking about is simply the act of swapping any model, but specifically, at first, I would like to edit hairstyles...

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I'm in the same boat, Graesholt. Did you manage to learn anything/get anywhere in modding this game?
I've just started researching, the best tutorial I've found is this series on youtube. But haven't actually had any luck exporting paks when trying to follow the same steps for SW:JS. I imagine the settings I'm using for UModel aren't correct, or maybe it's just not compatible yet...


I want more mods for this game!! the more of us learn how, the more mods everyone gets!! :laugh:

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I tried creating a model swap mod too and no such luck. I was able to export the skeleton and texture files using FModel (https://fmodel.app/) instead of umodel and then followed the instructions from https://modding.wiki/en/hogwartslegacy/developers/packaging to create pak, ucas and utok files. I used https://github.com/DarklightGames/io_scene_psk_psa# to import the psk exported from fmodel into blender.


So the steps I did were:

1. Extract psk, png and json from fmodel. The json cant be imported or anything, but they are useful to read through.

2. Install the psk import plugin from above into blender.

3. Import the psk into latest version of blender.

4. Make the modifications.

5. Export as FBX.

6. Create UE4.26 project with name SwGame (for ease of use).

7. Build the project following the instructions from the modding.wiki link on how to create ucas, utoc and pak files.

8. Rename each of the three files to have an _P just before the file name (unsure if necessary.)

9. Load the game.


For me, this didnt work and the game crashed with a segfault each time, but its hard to debug.

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