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How to get game to read game controller

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Hello all, apologies if this isn't the proper way to post a topic. This would be my first time. So forgive any mistakes, as I'm sure there are. I have Downloaded DS3 and Convergence mod 2 days ago but have yet to get it going as i can't seem to figure out how to get it to read my PS4 controller inputs. i didnt download from Steam and that seem s to be the only suggested answer i can find online. I have DS4Windows installed and moved the game files to the Auto Profiles tab and re-mapped the keys. the controller works and runs computer perfectly fine until the DS3 window pops up then it loses all functionality. Continuing with game as soon as i gain character control the camera spins in circles rapidly. if i apply slight pressure to R2 and L2 it comes to a stop in the (sweet spot). unplugimg controller stops the issue. as soons as its plugged back in issue instantly returns. Even if all button functions are unmapped the spinning and R2 & L2n still react the same way. I am a HUGE Fromsoftware fan and have been dying to play DS3 Convergence if anyone could give me some input as to how i can get controller function to work I would be VERY grateful. Again sorry for any inconvenience and i appreciate the amazing hospitality from the community and even more so to all those who took time away from life to allow us to enjoy such AMAZING THINGS and hard swork you've put into what you do, Happy Hunting Hollows and bless you all.



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