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Collsion Mesh for Floor Mod Issue

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Boxes and rectangles are relatively easy. Glad you got it sorted.


How complicated is the second piece? Details ....

My usage for the pieces are when building using Workshop Concrete structures.

Due to the way the walls are made to be placed on the perimeter of the concrete foundation, it limits the interior wall options and can leave gaps in the roof.

Using this concrete beam, I can place one between every foundation piece, and it will maintain uniform spacing throughout the structure.

Then, I can replace the beam with a wall wherever, and whenever, I want without worrying about a wall changing the entire layout spacing.

Of course a matching piece is need for any roof sections that are not joined by a wall.

Incidentally, this approach will also need to use the pre-existing vertical beam around the exterior in any place there is not a joining wall.

They included that vertical beam in the vanilla game- but not the same thing for the floor, hence my mod...

Anyway. I like building using the floor/roof combo piece WorkshopConcreteUpperFloor01.nif.

This satisfies the roof requirement for beds, and provides a pathable floor for putting roof-top planters.

The issue is if you have a wall, and snap the upper roof/floor piece on each side of the wall, the top will also have a gap between the roof/floor pieces where the wall is.

Visually it is just a small dip, but since the pieces are snapping to the wall and not each other the AI views that as a path boundary and the settlers will not cross it, just like the full gap between the foundation blocks.

I've watched my settlers teleporting from one roof tile to the next because they could not take that one step over the gap.

The concrete beam you fixed for me can sink into the floor, so technically it can be used on the upper floor and would solve the pathing issue.

But I don't like overlapping pieces like that and figured might as well have a proper sized piece that matches the existing material.


So the short summary of what I want would be another wall gap filler. The same X and Y as the ConcreteBeam, but the Z, thickness, of the vanilla floor-only pieces.


To that end, the piece WorkshopConcreteMidFloor01.nif has the same texture as the top part of WorkshopConcreteUpperFloor01.nif. It's a chicken wire/concrete looking surface.

It also looks to me to be the same thickness as the gap that needs to be filled. That would most likely be the best match for existing vanilla pieces.

I really don't know how this sort of stuff is done, so it might be easier to take the concrete beam and reduce the Z of it. As for the texture, I'm also fine with just the full concrete look using the beam would give.

Concrete or metal like WorkshopConcreteUpperFloor01, either one would match the game pieces. The catch is going to be the metal trim... again I don't know how this is done.


I'll attach a zip with the vanilla upper floor and roof/floor combo so you don't have to go look for them. I'll also put the new ConcreteBeam in there for completeness.

I was going to add a few cropped screenshots showing stuff but that exceeded the 250KB limit, but I managed to squeeze one in that shows the gap on the roof I want to fill.


To me this sounds difficult, so if it is just tell me. I'm already grateful for what you fixed. :)


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Try these on for size. You may have to adjust snap points in nifscope.

Awesome. This is visually exactly what I wanted.

The 2 gap fillers don't work out-of-the-box like the beam did. AI is not pathing them. I tried applying navmesh in CK like the video showed, but still did not work.

When I view the nifs in NifSkope, I see a difference. There are 3 items that have the X translation at 112 rather than 0 like the working model.

2 BSTriShapes and a NiNode.

I assume this is where you moved the 3 components (materials?) after cropping the 'width'.

I've been trying various attempts of applying transform in NifSkope and navmesh generation in CK but so far I have not got it right.

I'll keep messing with it. I'll eventually figure out how this stuff interacts with each other.

Thank you very much for the nifs. It was cool to see an idea from my head actualized.


Oh, BTW I did add 4 P-Floor snap points on the corners.

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