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Crashing when entering Whiterun Interior


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After completing the first Helgen Reborn quest I tried to fast travel to Whiterun. Crashed within 5 seconds. All the other waypoints are fine, it only happens when entering the interior of Whiterun.


I am not sure if the issue is Helgen Reborn or something else. It's a new save, with LOTD and Helgen Reborn being the only major changes. I do have JK's Skyrim, but I've never had issues with it before.


I put some logs and my mod load order in the link below. I can rewind to before I started the Helgen story but I can't test the teleport crash without it saving over my progress. I wonder if removing Helgen Reborn after rewinding and saving will corrupt my game?



LOTD Whiterun Crash list - Anniversary Edition - Load Order Library

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