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Load Out Help for Realistic / Survival Hunter


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Good Afternoon All,
I'm just getting into Modding, and I'm playing on XBOX1. I've made an LO I think works, but am checking with you all to hear some professional opinions. Do you think this load order is correct ? Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.
I used Maxwell LLO Template for this order. if this is wrong, or you have some suggestions as for patches, or any known incompatibilities, let me know. I probably am missing some important patches, but bethesda on Xbox is so hard to search on.
Orderwise, I put stuff below stuff like a bunch of stuff under the Vanilla plus as I figured it overwrite it, but some of the original stuff left there (like mortal enemies wouldn't really be effected)
Generally, what I'm trying to do, is make a Nord Hunter with a Dog, that just has to survive. (Not going to play the general questline, unless I absolutely have to) If hunting gets boring, he can fish or do other odd jobs to make a bit of gold. Not really going for dungeons or anything, but i may do a few if it's Roleplay friendly at the time. Also, looking to make the world thriving, and realistic place.
Since going for realism (campfire, frostfall, ineeds) thought about banking as well. Since there's no nice texture mod on xbox for a gold chest, and there's no good banking mods like on PC, thoguht that between simple banking, and stocks, i'd have a place to put my money, so it doesn't bog me down.
I've got 2.4 GB of space left, so if there's anything (like a city overhaul mod) that might make the game feel a bit better, (that works with similar loadouts), i'd love to hear about it. Or if yall know any quality of life or slight realism mods that might help out, please let me know.
Thank you very much for your help !
Master Files USSEP Reconciliation : QOL & Bug Fixes Reconciliation : Gameplay and Quest Alterations Reconciliation : AE Reconciliation : AE - USSEP Patch Climates of Tamriel for Xbox 1 Jobs Campfire Vanilla Plus Wet and Cold Cloaks of Skyrim Climates of Tamriel Winter Edition (disabled)
Foundations/New Game Mechanics Cheat Room Skyrim Reputation Skyrim Reputation Mysteriously Fixed Guard Dialogue Overhaul Frostfall: Hypothermia Camping Survival iNeed Continued - Food, Water and Sleep iNeed - Extended iNeed - Dangerous Diseases iNeed - Dangerous Diseases Plus Immersive Movement Bushcraft - Camping Survival The Wild Hunt Wintersun Religions Immersive Wenches Traveling Merchant Caravans Head Hunter - Bounties Redone
Menus > User Interface > Font Changes
More Immersive Activations Omen UI
Audio and Music Changes
Sounds of Skyrim Complete
Existing Quest Edits
Fishing Reduced Cut At Your Own Pace AiO Missives The Notice Board
Purely Craftable Items
Craftable Bandoliers
Wearable Lanterns
Skyrim Outfiters AiO
First Aid
Existing Mechanical Changes
Ars Metallica
Carriages and Stables Dialogue Overhaul
Passageways : Carriages and Ferries Overhaul
Level Progression Changes
50 Pct More Perk Points
20 Pct More Perk Points
Immersive (Clever) Leveling
Perk Overhauls
Ordinator Perks of Skyrim
Magic Additions and Overhauls
Loot Level List
Rich Merchants
Skyrim Outfiters : Adventurer (specified it's leveled list)
Item Attributes & Effects Changes
Realistic Gold Weight
Lanterns of Skyrim (says to put before exterior effects)
Existing Enemy NPC/Spawn Edits
Economized Quest Gold Rewards
Spawn/Animal Retextures
SET for the Great Hunt
Real Wilfdlife
Item Attribute and Effect Changes
REalistic Gold Weight
Lanterns of Skyrim
General Mesh and Texture Overhauls
Immersive Citizens
Hunters not Bandits Holidays
Existing Follower Changes/Framework
Attack Dogs : A Dog Combat Overhaul
Skin/Body Mesh and Textures
NPC/PC Facial Modifications and Presets (Including Race Edits) Diverse Skyrim
Imperious Races
Lore Based Heights for Imperious
Races Character Creation Overhaul
Enhanced Lights and FX : Exterior
Enchanced Night Skyrim
Interior Lighting
Enhanced Lights and FX
Enhanced Lights and FX : Enhancer
Interior Decorating
House Shops and Inns AiO
More Cooking Pots
Convenient Inns
Flora and Landscape Edits
Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods
Single Area Exterior Edits Hunter's Riverwood Cabin
Multiple Area Exterior Edits
Carriage Stops of Skyrim
Hot Springs of Skyrim
Great Forest of Whiterun Hold
Brand New Spawn Additions Populated Jorvasskr
Populated Solitude Exterior
Populated Half-Moon Mill
Populated Deep Folk Crossing
Populated Dark Water Crossing
More Tavern Idles
Populated Cities Complete
Populated Lands Roads Paths
Populated Cities Towns Villages
XP32 Idles and Animations
XP32 Maximum Skeleton
Realistic Death Physics
Ultimate Dodge
Weapons, Armor and Clothes Retextures/Replacers Stay Arrow Stay
NPC Combat AI Mechanics
Smilodon Combat
Smilodon Combat Archery Skill Set
Vampire/Werebeast Overhauls
Unique Follower mods
New Quest Mods & NPC Additions with Area Edits
Stock Markets of Skyrim
Tavern Minigames Jobs of Skyrim
Map Mods Quality World Map
Map Marker Complete
Kaijit Merchant Tracker
Bottom LO and Specialized Mods
Convenient Horses
Convenient Carriages
Immersive Wenches - Immersive Citizen AI Patch
Freshly Ground Ordinator
Immersive Movement - Smilodon Patch
Advanced Cooking - Ordinator Patch
Alternate Start
MorrowLoot - Economy Speech Overhaul Patch
MorrowLoot - AE Patch Smilodon Damage Patch
Realistic Conversations


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