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Vortex randomly locking mod in load order


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honestly, if you want this "bug" looked at - you're wasting your time posting here, instead you should send feedback via vortex itself as that supposedly goes to the developers.

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If you can provide any info about how you got Vortex into this state that will help us look into it.

What kind of information do you need? Are there log files that would help?


Honestly, it's as simple as:

1) Open Vortex (normally or elevated)

2) Click on 'Load Order'

3) When it completes the compile, roughly 75% of the time it chooses to randomly pick anywhere from 1 to about 6 mods to "lock".

4) Close Vortex

5) Repeat steps 1-3 until it returns a clean "all unlocked" list. Close Vortex and don't touch it again until you need to update, change, load mods again.


Examples: Opened it and Load Order attempt 1 ...




Attempt 2 ...



Attempt 3 ...



Attempt 4 finally got me a clean list.


I deal with this EVERY time I make a change in Vortex. I've had to 'Load Order' as many as a 12 times before I got a clean list.


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Hey all,


Going to be taking a look at this super annoying bug as a priority next week. We are having discussions in-house about how to push our Baldur's Gate 3 support forward and I'll report back next week with our plan.


Thanks for your patience

Thanks for the update and heads up. Glad this will be looked at. This issue has almost got me to the point of dropping Vortex and just using BG3 Manager.

PS: If there is anything that I (we) can do to help, let me (us) know.

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Khaalis (or anyone) - random quick question - are mod fixers (like https://www.nexusmods.com/baldursgate3/mods/141) still a hard requirement for all mods to be used or has Larian updated BG3 at some point recently so the mod fixer isn't necessary?



It is my understanding that Fixers are no longer required. The core game supports mods now.without need for a Mod Fixer mod. I run with mods and removed mod fixer before Update 2, but I can't remember what hotfix it was that brought native support.


EDIT: Actually I believe it Update 1 that made them obsolete.

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