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Vortex randomly locking mod in load order


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this has been driving me crazy! currently its on some appearance mods but before it was on my 5e spells mod causing the game to be entirely unplayable.

i thought it was the mod updates tbh. im going to see if downgrading the Div. tool helps since it seemed to work prior to updating it



I guess vortex had an update or divlib had one because i reinstalled the tool and vortex isnt doing it anymore

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Hello together,


this bug was and is killing me for several hours already!

In a nutshell this is going to re-sort your load order. At any time you restart Vortex or install new mods or update existing mods. Its p... in the a.. !


My only weapon right now is, once the load order is fine and I can start the game and load my save, to switch to desktop and make a copy of the game's "modsettings.lsx" file.

Usually to be found at: C:\Users\XYZXYZ\AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\PlayerProfiles\Public folder.


If I want to replay BG3 and start Vortex again, it can happen if you update a mod or install a fresh one that the load order bug occurs and some mods or one mod are locked at the top of the order.

If this appears to happen, just relaunch Vortex till no mods are locked anymore. You may have to start and stop Vortex XX times. Frustrating as hell.

Once, if there are no locks visible, click the "Purge Mods" option in Vortex Load Order screen.

Then, open your copy of the "modsettings.lsx" file and copy everything and paste it into the original "modsettings.lsx" file. Do not forget to save the file!

Then switch to Vortex and press "Deploy Mods". Now an unlocked and nearly perfect load order should appear with the latest installed or updated mods on top.

Then re-sort the few new or updated mods to your liking. Once your load order looks finished switch to the orignal "modsettings.lsx" and copy everything and paste it into the copied file as a kind of a back-up.


At least the above procedure ensures that I am not loosing all my effort to the this bug with regards to the load order. I play BG3 with 160 mods right now.


I use Notepad++ to open the .lsx files.


Best Regards


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Yeah. This has been happening me since I decided to try a mod manager instead of manually installing. Huge mistake.


Literally happens anytime Vortex is opened and it will lock different mods at random every single time.


Sometimes it's just a dice mod and I can ignore it, but other times it's something important that makes the game completely unplayable and I have to keep relaunching until it decides to lock something not that important.

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This bug needs a fix asap.


Every time i launch vortex, some mods get locked and a temporary fix is to reopen the program.

But the catch is, most of the time it ends up locking another mod and you have to do this several times.


Since i have +160 mods on my load order, i have to end up dragging 4~8 mods back to its position and sometimes i don't even remember where it was supposed to stay in the order.

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Same, the issue seems completely random and it's absolutely baffling. I'm making mods for BG, and occassionally while testing them they simply lock and fail to load...restarting Vortex -sometimes- fixes the issue, but more often than not it just shuffles which mods are locked. They're all .pak files, so they should just be getting dropped into the proper directory. Dunno why it isn't working. Taking a break from BG and modding it until it's fixed.

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Those that are having load order issues, could you let me know what version of divine you have installed please? Latest is v1.18.6



Mine is 1.18.5

Does it updates automatically (if not, how can i update it)?


Edit: I just hit Check for updates on Vortex and i received the notification with the new version available.

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