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Vortex randomly locking mod in load order


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Vortex 1.9.5 is just the latest version of the main app I'm afraid. Specific game support is updated through their individual extensions and we are currently testing the updated Baldur's Gate 3 one. You can help test if you'd like, we are always looking for new recruits.




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How do i help test this with BGS?? Managing my collection is insane and i have to restart Vortex 5-10x and then copy over my backup Modlist

over to replace when my main 3 mods are the only ones locked.

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Quick update!

Testing going well now that this locking/unlocking bug has been found, caught and fixes in place. It's a 'problem' with windows and command-line responses being randomly cut off but there are silent retries in place now, along with a fallback to unlocked (instead of locked) and notifications to say what's happening.


Hopefully should have a 1.3 extension release for the masses next week. If you'd like to test, please see my earlier post on getting in touch.


Thanks for your patience

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