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Mods for Ruling after Wild Card? [Spoilers]


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I'm not sure if this should've gone in mod requests or not because I feel like there's likely some mods that would fit the category of what I'm looking for already. But are there any mods out there for giving you more control as ruler of New Vegas after the Wild Card ending? I was hoping there would be more decisions to make with this story choice after taking over, and I think that's a place mods could really aid if they don't already.

There are two mod options for running the Lucky 38, for example, which at least gives me something to do. But are there any mods that give you the ability to order robot soldiers around? To squash rebellions or delegate to other tribe leaders? To distribute territory and resources? To imprison NPCs or draft them? To pass and repeal laws? In other words, mods that enable you to govern? If even a few of these features can be found in mods that would be pretty sweet. Skyrim has "Become High King of Skyrim" which lets you do a lot of these things, so maybe something similar to that? (But tied to the Wild Card quest route.)

If anybody knows of some mods with good features for post-Wild Card play, I'd love to hear about them.

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