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One 8.2[27]


The DemiDivines had known all along that something was very wrong with the 'Baurus' and the other 'Blades' that had met them in the forests. They had also been suspicious of the message that they had gained earlier about meeting the fakes and gaining something from them as taken from Cloud Ruler Temple. Only Jadekia had 'sensed' a subtle psychic link between 'Baurus' and another Baurus, had gambled by telling a false story of the real Baurus' relationship to Emperor Uriel VII, who was really his grandfather and not his father.


Another reason behind discovery of the deception was that Jadekia was in sparodic psychic communications with Martin Septum in Cloud Ruler Temple. Martin would have informed her if any special artifacts were being sent to her to authenticate the action and to authorise it. Martin had managed to get out of Kvatch, with Jadekia's help, along with hundreds of others; that was before the Thirteen Divines (AntiDivines) had illegally taken the city as their own, being a declaration of war against the Empire.


What had happened to the real Emperor, Baurus and others? The Thirteen Divines had supposedly rescued them from MythicDawn Followers (battlemage assassins) but the truth became muddied after that. The Empire had launched a rescue, after gaining information from a mysterious resource, only to rescue a sophisticated clone of the Emperor and one of Baurus. After that the Imperial Eye, and Bladetals, had found four more clones of Baurus in Imperiarna, the Grand Imperial City.


Bladetals were Blades trained as spies and in other covert work. A reformation of the Blades was causing the appearance of new titles and groupings in the Blades Legion and other units, along with the creation of new units. This was partly because of the huge influx of recruits and partly because of the increasing pressures now placed upon the Blades to carry out many tasks.


The false Baurus had been ignorant of many of the changes taking place with the real Blades.


So why had Stashanto been trying to draw them to Myxcrodix or perhaps to Vestaquio? The DemiDivines had gone towards Myxcrodix with out overtly stating why they were doing so but Stashanto (the DemiAntiDivine) had failed to question why they would choose to do so? The false Baurus was leading them, yes, but never communicated on the matter. Instead he seemed to assume that they would simply go to Myxcrodix because of the items that he had passed to them, such as the journal.


Truth was that the four were going on a deep hunch, on experience and because they had no better plans to go on. They were also curious to what waited for them in Myxcrodix.

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One 8.3[28]


The five DemiDivine women stood in a great central chamber of Myxcrodix but this was not part of the outer city, the cave system, but was all metallic being part of the secret inner city. Behind them stood four savage looking dragonhorses. Silvery metallic machines dotted one of the walls and there were twenty gently slanted semitransparent tubes, fourteen of which held the naked Divinemors. Energies sparkled, and liquids bubbled, in the tubes in which they were lying diagonally with eyes closed.


The Fifteenth Divinemor stood there, as represented now, by a silvery woman figure in a silvery jumpsuit. She was youthful, beautiful, slimly muscular and slimly voluptuous. "I am now fully integrated into the core of Myxcrodix. I was failing and that was intentional, just as it was intentional for the damphires to die. We were sent here supposedly to track down criminals who did much damage to our home world before we left it behind. Yet we were given very little information and we were struggling to find purpose from the first moment we were her in Tamriel, on Nirn."


Vissha stood there, to one side, a DemiDivine in her own right but of a different kind than the five Hero DemiDivines. She spoke a little warily. "I have been assisting to heal the Divinemors with my knowledge of healing herbs and my skills of divine healing magic. The Divinemors are not enemies of the Nine Divines or the Empire."


Jadekia turned to her. "Your mother is one of the Wild Divines who follow the ways of the Mother Goddess. I take it that you do the same."


Vissha nodded. "The Wild Divines have no need of Cathedrals or any other place of worship. We are wary of the Empire and its willingness to try to turn wilderness into farmlands and to mine the guts of the earth. Despite that we are no part of any evil conspiracy for we are against the deep unnaturalness of the living-dead. We are fighting against them even as are the Nine Divines."


Jadekia stared at the hoblin matriarch. "I have great respect for the Nature Goddess, and the Wild Divines, yet there is something odd about you."


Vissha smiled calmly. "I was a DemiAntiDivine but turned against the AntiDivines when I glimpsed deeper the truth of them and their plans. For they are actually living-dead deities serving a more malignant, unnatural and powerful living-dead deity known as the Celestial Serpent. They would transform Tamriel into a great feeding place, where the living are cultivated, for themselves and the Celestial Serpent. I communicated with the Wild Divine Healesta and she 'adopted me'; she gave me her blessing that I became a DemiDivine in the general shapeform of a hoblin matriarch. She tasked me to care for the hoblins of this region, who have faith in the Wild Divines, and to observe what was happening in the area. I have so to the best of my ability except that powerful, spiritual magical forces have cut me off from Healesta in the past months."


The Eternal Champion nodded. "I believe you! The things I see in you, the changes, confirm the truth of your words. Can you tell us more that could help us?"


Vissha looked more reluctant to speak but did so anyway. "An unknown AntiDivine, a powerful member of the Thirteen Divines, convinced me that I needed to defect and helped me to do so when I agreed to it. For that one could 'sense' my deep doubts in what was going on and stated that he, or she, had the same sort of fears. That one indicated that I should reach out and make contact with the Wild Divine Healesta."


The Fifteenth Divinemor spoke out. "Somehow I doubt that it was an accident that all of us have ended up here in Myxcrodix. You DemiDivines, we Fifteen Divinemors along with Vissha and her hoblin companions. Forces, both more obvious and more subtle, have been guiding us or even pushing us."


MyxcrodixPrime then spoke out. "Accident, or not, I have captured you all, having absorbed the Fifteenth Divinemor as was willed to happen by the PaleOnes; that is the PaleOnes who are even now waking from their long sleep to launch their invasion to conquer Tamriel, then all of Nirn and then all of Mundus."


But the Fifteenth Divinemor shimmered, sparkled, and stood there as a tall and powerful damphire. She frowned heavily. "Trick within a trick, trap set around a trap, wheels within wheels, illusions set behind illusions. As the real Fifteenth Divinemor, as the PrimeDivinemor, I have always been hidden inside the false Fifteenth Divinemor. While you thought you were absorbing me, MyxcrodixPrime, I was infiltrating your primary network-systems and taking over many of them. I failed to do so with most but I did so with enough to stop you from controlling us. I suggest a real agreement this time."


MyxcrodixPrime spoke after a moment. "Very well, a real agreement this time!"

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One 9.1[29]

SageWizard Prograndis studied Sabatee, and the PaleOne Revengers, with very old solemn eyes. In his hooded robe, and metallic armor, he looked tall and impressive but somehow not overly imposing. He spoke in Common Cyrodilic. "Sabatee, who and what are you?"

Sabatee shrugged. "I am the twin brother of Cobatee, the 1of1 of the Thirteen Divines, a most malignant personality if there ever was one. That he is the PrimeAntiDivine shows just how terrible that they are as a group. They are of the living-dead but very unlike the vat made vyles or those shapeshifting doppelgangers or those twisted bonekynes that come from distorted living victims."

Prograndis sighed. "Why are you not of the living-dead?"

Sabatee clearly did not like to be questioned, as he was, but he answered anyway. "My twin brother told me that it amused him to keep me as a living immortal. If there is more to it than that, Cobatee has never given me any information but that is typical of the way he treats me. Mother loved me best!"

The SageWizard gave a mild grin. "I was born in VadlistaBlue, a satellite city on the outer outskirts of Centropolis of the Terrariellan Empire. Exotic silvery castles inside great transparent force domes as built during the Great War of Terrariellan to protect the citizens of that other empire."

Sabatee was clearly shocked. "You are also Terrariellan?"

Prograndis shook his head. "You are Terrariellan only in that you are cloned from one. You are a 'superclone' most likely created by the Thirteen Divines from captured genetic material of the original Sabatee. I can 'sense' the clone features in you. The real Sabatee was Emperor Sabatee of the Terrariellan Empire who launched a last desperate push against the AntiDivines (Thirteen Divines) that drove them through a transdimensional rift and off the world of Terrarata. Emperor Sabatee's battle-aeroship was destroyed in the ending phase of the great battle and he died of the wounds that he sustained. Question is, why are you here in Kvatch? Was it Cobatee who sent you here?"


Sabatee went to respond but then looked very confused. "In truth I do not know. My turn to ask questions; how did you end up coming here?"


The SageWizard smiled. "Empress Toshitee, daughter-wife of the former Emperor, sent a taskforce after the escaped AntiDivines, and their followers. The taskforce arrived here, in Tamriel, just before the rise of the Ayleid Empire that only lasted just over a century. We communicated with the Nine Divines about our concerns that the AntiDivines were secretly behind the rise of that evil empire. The Nine Divines struck both directly, with their own powers, and indirectly with armies of lesser divines. The Ayleid Empire was destroyed and the AntiDivines barely escaped, being weakened in the process. Where they went is a mystery even now."


He continued but with a question. "Where do you think that they went? I think somebody sent you here to pass on information to me or anybody else in position to use it well. That one, we think, is a powerful traitor to the AntiDivines, is no less than Cobatee himself. In theory he is the most powerful of the AntiDivines but that may be just one more deception linked with the Thirteen Divines. We suspect that the real AntiDivine Leader is disguised as a less powerful, less influential, member of the thirteen. This is done to make she, or he, a less likely target. Cobatee is thus the decoy, which is not something he would appreciate."


Sabatee went to speak and then looked troubled, confused, for a short time. Then he spoke as if reciting a message placed in his mind. "We AntiDivines did not go directly to Tamriel, from Terrariel. We were in the Oblivion Realm of the Celestial Serpent, which is only one of its names. The Celestial Spirit is really a very powerful Daedric God of most malignant and exotic nature. Yet even that may not be true for the Celestial Serpent is a great beast of total falsehood or so it seems to be. What happened there even we Thirteen Divines do not fully remember but it was most terrible for us as we AntiDivines suffered greatly; the Celestial Serpent punished us for failing to conquer Terrariel."


After a pause, Sabatee spoke again. "After the failure of our plans with the Ayleid Empire, we AntiDivines fled to an empty Celestial Realm once populated by QEternals of the QContinuum. We concealed ourselves in an abandoned city of a most bizarre nature, licking our wounds and hoping to hide away from the Celestial Serpent until we grew stronger to confront it or run from it or hide from it. Then something strange happened that we can not remember. We found ourselves arriving on Nirn, though not on Tamriel, with out any real memories of what had taken place. We also found ourselves being controlled by subtle pressures, a controlling presence in all of us. It is gone now though we do not know what is was or why it is now gone."


Sabatee shook himself and looked puzzled. "It was as if somebody was speaking through me and I was listening to the message as a third person might. I do not know who, what, the message was from."


The SageWizard shook his head, as if in response to his own thoughts. "What you have said is more than enough to consider. I suggest we leave here for a threat is coming this way in the form of a powerful trio of DemiAntiDivines. I can 'sense' them even from here for they do not seem intent on concealing themselves, so arrogantly sure are they of their power."

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One 9.2[30]


Prograndis, Sabatee, his people and the Revengers fled deeper into the depths of Kvatch Undercity. They could have fought the three powerful DemiAntiDivines but there was no good reason to do so. None of them wanted to be discovered by the three dangerous entities that might communicate with the AntiDivines who are waging war in the Plains of Celestial Natures.


Prograndis took them through areas that were forgotten even by many very old and knowledgeable factions of Tamriel. There was something about the ancient melded stone hallways, dotted with statue-columns on each side along with big cube shaped alcoves, that radiated mild hostility to 'intruders'. The group were made to feel that they were intruders.


Prograndis spoke even as they moved past the Mer humanoids of the massive statue-columns that managed, somehow, to be graceful as well as hulking in nature. "The Aldmer built a series of deeply underground complexes through out Tamriel. Usually people can not find them thanks to subtle magical psychic cloaking and deflection wards. Only my presence stops this from happening but even so we can all feel the pressure of the 'wards' to get us to turn back. The Aldmer created some of these complexes in alliance with the FirstOnes or other peoples who natures are mostly forgotten, in some cases this being a very good thing. Indeed the Aldmer may have destroyed many of those 'peoples' themselves."


Yavina frowned. "Those ancient folks, just what were they up to?"


Prograndis laughed softly, his tone of hard irony. "The first peoples were often most complicated, subtle, exotic and often just annoying. Their reasons for doing things, what they did, remains a deep puzzle to even those of great intelligence who have studied their artifacts, hidden cities and much else left by them. Not all first peoples were such, thankfully, but the Aldmer, the FirstOnes, the Hist and others were so."


Sabatee spoke out. "Why are you bringing us here?"


Prograndis sighed. "The DemiAntiDivines will be unable to follow us. Every attempt of them to do so has led to failure, often to destructive failure. I also want to show you something. Before that we will come to a large sanctuary where many Kvatch folk managed to flee."


They came upon a disturbing site of a big battle having been fought a very very long time ago. A great statue-column was half melted while great metallic armored figures were crystallized in a fashion hard to describe, to understand. The big warriors numbered over a hundred and apparently wore colors, and symbols, of at least three different factions. The most common ones were the garish red ones, being the color of bright arterial blood. They had terrible appearing weapons of exotic design being not easy to understand in their functions.

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One 9.3[31]


Even the SageWizard was obviously awed by the encounter. "The battle remains a mystery. Please follow me and do not go too close to any of the figures for the results will be unpleasant for the toucher."

It was not long after that they entered the strange sanctuary through what appeared to be a massive, amazingly lifelike, animated painting with a scaled, golden metallic frame. Soon they were in a great copy of Kvatch itself as it was before all the troubles began. In the streets of NiziKvatch they were surrounded by bustling people of mostly humans but also orcs, halflings of varied kinds, amphibious lizardfolk, catfolk and others including daedra that appeared to be acting as good citizens. Big centaurs, horsefolk, hauled big panniers of goods or even pulled taxi-carts. There were many Guardsmen, a few Legionaries and Legionary like Legionards. Dremora artisans were seen working in open fronted workshops. Short furry wozzles ambled along carrying sacks of special produce to market. Sheriff Constables were seen making their rounds.

Prograndis turned to the others, of the group, and spoke. "Ancient NiziPaintings, of the Grand Aldmer or AldmerKi, were created as compassionate prisons that most can not leave once they come here. Also if a recently killed person, the body, is brought into one of the NiziPaintings, they will resurrect but that needs to be done within three days and nights."

Yavina scowled. "You have betrayed us."

"No, I have saved you the only way that I could. In here you PaleOnes will live long healthy lives. I will send as many PaleOnes here as I can, even if I have to kidnap the fools. You will lose your strange abilities and become magefolk able to learn, and use, arcane or elemental magic. There is a great peacefulness here that even the daedra can not resist; indeed they do not appear to want to resist it. The only thing you must do is to follow the Nine Commandments, the Eleven Laws of Laws and the Thirty-One Hundred Regulations.


"Most of the people here came here as dead and were resurrected, with the help of the Great Divinity, that many call God or the Goddess or by other names. Only a few have the ability to leave, and enter, the NiziPainting Realm. I am one of them. Most of those, that served me and my purpose, are here, are known to be dead or their fate is unknown to us. The Thirteen Divines did not kill them and neither did the daedra. No it was another force of most alien and terrible nature; it was one aspect of the Celestial Serpent but one a kind that seems quite new to the worlds of Nirn or Terrarata."


He kept on speaking. "Putting you PaleOnes inside this NiziPainting means that the AntiDivines can not feed upon you, devouring your life energies, but it also means that the Celestial Serpent will be less likely to feed upon the AntiDivines. Come, let us have a meal, and a drink, at a tavern. We need to relax."


They settled in at a tavern where they were served by waitresses at a large, rectangular wooden table in a curtained off alcove. After a while the PaleOnes all seemed to forget about anything but planning their future lives in NiziKvatch. They were quietly happy and grateful when Prograndis gave them each a leather coin-purse full of Imperial Coinage along with a fully authorized Imperial Bank Spending Note worth much more than the coins in any of the purses.


After promising to visit them in future, as he would try to do if he could, he departed and took Sabatee with him. Sabatee's bodyguards remained in the tavern, as commanded to do so by Sabatee after Prograndis requested him to do so. The two took a centaur drawn taxi-cart that moved deep into the city. While Prograndis chatted to the centaur, they were on good terms, Sabatee continued to look around him amazement.

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Zero 2.1[32]


The Orbis drifted through the Plain of Celestial Natures, the part where the war was being waged between the Nine Divines, and their forces, and the AntiDivines backed by their forces. It did not take long to realize that the stalemate nature of the great conflict was caused largely by the manipulations of a well concealed, outside, force of powerful malignant and cunning nature. As soon as Orbis began to track the interfering entity, it vanished away, fleeing from Orbis that was a very powerful entity in its own right. The war began to slow to a quieter stalemate and within a surprisingly short time the actual fighting had stopped with both sides licking their wounds and trying to work things out.


Was it the Celestial Serpent that had been interfering with the war between the Nine Divines and the AntiDivines? The Orbis did not find out the answer, then and there.


The false clone of the Emperor fell into a healing sleep, still on-in the Dragonthrone, with the Dragonthrone caring for him. Plans were made to bring Martin Septum to the WhiteGold Tower in Imperiarna; it was a dangerous gamble that the Dragonthrone would accept him or not.


The SageWizard Promagnis came to Imperiarna and she brought some important news to the newly created Imperial Emergency Council, not to be confused with the Imperial Elders Council still working to keep the Empire stable, secure and reasonably prosperous.


MythicDawn traitors were still busy through out the Empire but all daedric forces were withdrawn from the Kvatch area, the OblivionGates closing behind them as they went. Daedric attacks had long since ceased in other parts of Tamriel, including the Sunset Isles.


Yet another network of spies, assassins and saboteurs had started to arise through out Cyrodiil. They attacked not only the Empire directly but also other factions that existed under the umbrella of the Empire. Guilds, both legal and illegal, and the Dark Brotherhood were amongst such targets. It amazed most folk that anybody would not only dare to strike at the Dark Brotherhood but that they would be successful, which they partly were. Their identity remained a mystery despite the efforts of various Imperial agencies to discover it.


The siege of Kvatch ceased to be violent as Imperial Forces pulled back. The attacking had gained them nothing except losses of lives and valuable resources. Enemy forces withdrew back into Kvatch, abandoning war zones in the process. The Empire retook them but it seemed like an empty victory.


Then there was Myxcrodix and the people there.

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One 10.1[33]


The Divinemors came out of the rejuvenation healing tubes, showered hard, dried and dressed in silvery gear to go with their hairless silvery bodies. They were very different from they who had gone into the tubes and memories had returned to them along with painful truths. They had been in a very long war fought against treacherous former allies of the AntiDivines who had tried to conquer Terrarata after the AntiDivines were pushed out of the 'dimensional realm' containing both Terrariel, supercontinent, and the world of Terrarata. The Terrariellan Empire, already weakened, destroyed the new enemies but at very heavy cost. Soon after victory it had fragmented.


The Divinemors had been sent through a transdimensional rift, the same one the AntiDivines had taken but reopened with some difficulty by Terrariellan technomages. The idea was that the Divinemors would find allies, resources, to assist in the return of the Empire and its rejuvenation.


Instead they had been abducted by some kind of powerful, dark, alien force and the next thing they knew they were in Tamriel fighting hoblins with no intention of harming them. Except that they were not the original Divinemors at all, not even the Fifteenth Divinemor (PrimeDivinemor) but were superclones. What had happened to the original Divinemors continued to be a mystery.


So why had the cloned Divinemors been sent to Tamriel? The real reason was buried deep in their minds and would take time to uncover.


Myxcrodix was still awakening for it was a 'quasiliving' city as the FirstOnes, and the Aldmer, often made. Forgotten, sealed off, areas were remembered and unsealed. Golems, golemites and other such serving entities were activated to serve mostly the hidden inner city. Other resources were


The Eternal Champion, and her companions, along with Vissha met with Divinemors and a representative humanoid of MyxcrodixPrime. They sat in large metallic stone chairs facing inwards to a multiple display array of exotic nature.


MyxcrodixPrime, a metallic golden woman, spoke out. "Myxcrodix was a place of many grand projects that were of grand goals and that were often quite risky in nature. It is hard to say what the FirstOnes, or the Aldmer, were after but Myxcrodix was created after the FirstOnes fought a terrible civil war that followed the vanishing of the unknown Aedra that had mentored them. I calculate that they were trying to make contact with the vanished Aedra, were attempting to create communications links that broke through boundaries that, in many cases, should never be broken. Instead it appears that they made contact with something very different, something that they had no intention of linking with."


Jadekia responded. "Do you speak of the Celestial Serpent?"


"Yes, I think so!" MyxcrodixPrime responded. "The Celestial Serpent attacked by absorbing many minds of the FirstOnes. The Grand Aldmer managed to reject it from their minds. There were great battles of big armored warriors in powerful technomagical armor and with many weapons of the same nature. The puppet warriors of the Celestial Serpent wore blood red armored suits."


The Eternal Champion spoke. "Deep beneath the city of Kvatch is a Grand Aedra hidden city. There is a ancient battle scene there of crystallized warriors long dead. About half of them have armor as colored by bright red arterial blood."


MyxcrodixPrime nodded. "That would be one leftover from the terrible war that was fought which saw the possible ending of the Grand Aedra. That is not the survivors of the General Aldmer, who fled from the secret cities and who spread across Tamriel and beyond, in the process becoming many separate Mer Peoples such as the Ayleid, the Altmer and many others. Whether any Grand Aldmer survived is unknown to me. I am still accessing ancient archives and have found some to be damaged, to be unreliable. The histories of the Aldmer, as commonly known, are not the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The fact that the FirstOne fought, in the War of the Celestial Serpent, before they went into status is not often recorded even in places like this one, Myxcrodix."


Vissha spoke. "So how many FirstOnes are in deep status here in Myxcrodix?"


MyxcrodixPrime responded. "I really do not know for I have yet to find any. When I claimed that FirstOnes were waking up and rising to conquer Tamriel, and Nirn, it was a rather foolish bluff. I was worried about the growing influence of PrimeDivinemor over my network of network-systems. It seemed like a good idea at the time."

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One 10.2[34]


The damphires, fourteen of the Divinemors, met together in what had become their common chamber of multiple uses. They sat cross legged on mats in a large circle being in their full silver gear. All of them were wary, were on guard, as if fearing to be overheard. Five copperish golemites stood back, waiting to serve them with drinks or snacks.


Wizarmor Sasha spoke first. "PrimeDivinemor is no longer linked with us, is no longer linked deeply into us, as the false Fifteenth Divinemor. So now we can speak something of the truth. I do not trust it and fear that it has manipulated us often, often causing us harm in the process. It was not our friend, our mentor, but only pretended to be so. We are clones of damphires that were transformed from mortals during the evil of the war with the AntiDivines. Yet only now are we feeling our rise of our true powers, and weaknesses, as damphires. We need to confront PrimeDivinemor and get the truth, of our purpose, from it before we approach the others with our suspicions."


All of the other Divinemors just nodded in acceptance of the idea.


Wizamor Shaun spoke second. "Perhaps we were sent here only to be part of the cover story of the false Fifteenth Divinemor that was always the PrimeDivinemor. Our visibility, its invisibility, would have made it harder for others, and ourselves, to 'see' the truth. It guided us to come here, to Myxcrodix, though we perhaps should have gone further, to Vestaquio."


Wizamor Sasha spoke again. "Perhaps PrimeDivinemor has already done what it had to do while infiltrating the network-systems of Myxcrodix or perhaps even some of the prime network-systems of MyxcrodixPrime."


Palimor Andrio spoke out. "Yes, we need to turn against PrimeDivinemor and divide it away from ourselves. We also need to sunder any links with the MyxcrodixPrime, with Vissha the traitor and with the monstrous DemiDivines."


Even as Andrio finished speaking, he seemed to realize that he had said to much, had implicated himself by calling Vissha a 'traitor' and the Hero DemiDivines 'monstrous'. The other Divinemors turned to face him. Andrio shrugged and stood up, then burst out laughing in a very odd manner before he spoke. "How did you find me out?"


Which was when the five copperish golemites sparkle shimmered and became the five Hero DemiDivines but they just stood there while the voice of PrimeDivinemor spoke out of mid air. "You serve the AntiDivines with treachery against the other damphires or so you believe. In truth you are a deeply brain washed puppet, a decoy from the real traitors."


The three Battlemors stood, almost as one, and scowled at the other Divinemors. Battlemor Seshki sneered, his eyes glowing with strong inner energies. "In service to the Celestial Serpent, wisest of the wise, strongest of the strong, oldest of the old, most majestic of all, we left secret markers to guide others of its followers here; we will be rewarded with true immortality, great powers and many pleasure of mind-body-spirit."


PrimeDivinemor stepped into view as a golden hairless woman otherwise like the other Divinemors including that her jumpsuit, and other gear, were silvery. She spoke. "The real PrimeDivinemor was badly created, with many faults, and so I came and absorbed it into myself with its grateful consent. We are as one, now! Neither of us, I, have ever been treacherous to the Divinemors. You Battlemors can sit down now for you are three more deeply slave programmed decoys."


The surprised looking Battlemors sat down.


PrimeDivinemor spoke again. "I told you, previously, that I was hidden inside the False Fifteenth Divinemor but that I was not the whole of the False Divinemor. That other part is the traitor."


The floating monster seemingly out of mid air, a great purple-black globe covered with long, strong, thick tentacles; the tentacles ended in smaller tentacles gripping devices, eye-orbs, tentacle tips or some more exotic finishes. At once it attacked by firing off large glistening biomechanical weapons that shot hundreds of biometallic spines, jets of flame or pale shimmer beams of disintegration energies.


The Hero DemiDivines took up their weapons, aimed and fired off powerfully destructive energies. So did MyxcrodixPrime, stepping out of a hidden door that opened as a hulking big armored figure. Yet they did not aim at the floating monster but at PrimeDivinemor. PrimeDivinemor screamed out in extreme agony but also rage and, taken completely by surprise, blew apart into small fragments that sprayed out in all directions. PrimeDivinemor was dead!

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One 10.3[35]


The floating monster, a solid illusion that the PrimeDivinemor had used to channel her attacks through, had vanished with the violent ending of PrimeDivinemor. It appeared to be the end of a long series of manipulations and deceptions. Yet there were still questions to be answered.


The Divinemors had been meant to go to Myxcrodix to allow PrimeDivinemor to infiltrate the city so as to gain information and then use that information to open a secret way into MyxcrodixCore. This was the ancient core of Myxcrodix that even MyxcrodixPrime had no real access to.


While the fourteen damphires returned to the tubes, to have any deeply embedded brain washing wiped away, Vissha and the hoblins began to return home with a whole lot of new resources, and the others began to search through the secret city to try to find yet more knowledge and even MyxcrodixCore itself.


RedSonja made her way through silvery tunnel after tunnel, being amazed at the sheer size of the secret inner city. With her went two silvery golems and three silvery golemites. While there were plenty of statue-columns, and very life like statues in cube alcoves, other features were less common and ancient technomagical machines were even less common. The FirstOnes, and Grand Aldmer, had no great need to fill their life with exotic gadgets or to rely too much upon technomagical network-systems. They also seemed to share a desire to conceal most of such workings behind more basic looking architectural features.


That was when she came upon the big machine that filled half of a great domechamber, like a great metallic stone box with double jointed metallic limbs coming up out of the top, each limb ending in three very big crystal spheres. Inside each of the softly glowing, semitransparent spheres, was a pale off-white lumpy thing.


RedSonja spoke out. "FirstOnes?"


MyxcrodixPrime responded. "No, I suspect that they are primitive versions of the FirstOnes, known as firstlings that were basic shapeshifers. They served the FirstOnes as guards, workers, couriers and in many other roles."


It was then that RedSonja noted that there was an empty sphere that did not glow. Close to where the sphere was, on top of the big box, she discovered the remains of firstling. She crouched and examined the gristly find. Clearly something had gained access to the fairly big entity and then had attacked it, devouring it quickly. She doubted it would have suffered much, 'sensing' that the entity was far from fully aware of what was happening to it when it was killed. Still she was angry at what was unprovoked murder.


She wondered just what it was that had done the deed and how it had gotten so deep into the hidden city.



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