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Quake 3 and its mods.


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I am pretty old to de Nexus community. Oblivion old.
Anyways - I am getting back to playing quake on my free-time. I will be collecting all kinds mods from de internet for de game.

K-that makes sense up to here :)

Iz it alright if I eventually load up de mods for quake 3 (that I collect) here on Nexus as well. Since there is nothing for Quake 3, I figured I should at least go at it.

Yes, I am aware that some mods have a readme that states "if you want to share my mod to the community please FAWKING DO IT YOU NAAHB"

It's all about exposure

Thnx. Mau AlohA

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With 50 gbs of mods for ureal 2k4 and quake 3 - I just accidently deleted all 30 gbs of unreal tournament three stuff.
But Quake 3 mods are getting sorted out, only 20 thousand files to sort through :)

Doughnut worry I do this on my free time.

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