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What is the Mod Importer mod supposed to do?

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All I see happening is it opens a command line that's too small to read that says "a total of <number> mod file" then asks you to press enter to exit. Why is this program needed for anything?


It sounds like mod utility is supposed to go with this, but that mod doesn't even say what it does or why i'd want it.

>essential mod for unification of shared capabilities between lua mods to avoid conflicts and for convenience

What? I don't know what any of that means. "essential"? for what? "unification of shared capabilities"? what? "lua mods"? what? "avoid conflicts"? what? how?


The only thing here I actually care about is the auto save mod, which doesn't appear to be working in the slightest and I have no idea what is wrong. it says to download a second mod to go with it, but that doesn't work and the interface for the program is filled with esoteric wording and phrasing.


Why is there not a comment section for mods? I swear I saw that before, and it's the proper place to talk about the mods and put help pages. Is this not a feature on this site? None of the Hades mods I clicked have a comment section.


I have never gotten a single mod from this site to work. What is the deal here (don't want to hear a personal attack - i'm competent with computers and this stuff isn't even close to working out of the box)? The directions seem simple enough but after 2 hours of work (with nooooothing working) - i'm out. I look up youtube videos and they're outdated or missing steps or they're talking about stuff that I have no idea what they're talking about. There are even videos linked from mods here that sound completely disconnected from the mod it's about, and I watch like 45 minutes of the video and still have no idea how to begin to get the mod to work; specifically skyrim was like this.The wording or lack of instructions on most of the mod pages is the first place I'd do some quality control - there is no little on some of those pages that users clearly need to go elsewhere to get info - why don't those pages point them in that direction.


Why do none of these mods "just work"?


Update: I found a mod that was a simple file replacement to work.


This video shows what to do with the mod importer and mod utility are supposed to be used and work together. If there was a comment section, this NECESSARY video tutorial that ?somehow? the modders didn't provide. Can anyone answer how there are multiple mods that are required to make one mod work, yet they're not simply one mod in the first place?

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