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Willing to create a UI for Skyrim SE (or LE)


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Hey y'all...


I just recently got back to the modding community. I'm not ready to commit large amounts of time to it but creating a UI for Skyrim is something that I've always wanted to do. However, I'm not familiar with Flash and I know the UI is Flash-based. I'm unable to completely do this on my own, but I can perhaps partner with someone who is epxerienced in using Flash to implement a vision I have. We'll have to work via email / Discord and I live on the other side of US, in Asia, so if you're in the US, I'm awake during US hours only because my work is US-based and am busy around those hours. I can squeeze a few hours before or after shift to work it, if anyone is interested, but I cannot make guarantees to schedules or commitments to specific hours.


Hope someone is interested, I am very meticulous about making UI and have had a vision for like 2 years now.


My discord ID should be posted on my profile here in the forums, so you should just send me a friend request there.


Thank you!

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