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MO2 won't load my mods when running SKSE


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I am in the process of modding a new playthrough of Skyrim SE and installed both Skyrim and MO2 to a separate drive (G:). I've installed all my mods via Nexus and have them enabled and sorted.

I decided to run the modded game once before I clean/patch/merge everything, but when I ran SKSE via MO2, it appears my mods are not recognized and the game starts out like a vanilla playthrough (I have Alternate Start as an enabled mod). All other programs (LOOT, SEEDIT, etc) recognize my modlist, but not SKSE itself. I attempted to add my G: folder as an exception in my virus program (I use Kaspersky) and have reinstalled both Skyrim and MO2 twice with no avail.

Attached is my current modlist and load order. (Will be patched and merged when this issue is resolved). I would love some troubleshooting or guidance on this issue, as my attempts to follow the guidance on the STEP wiki hasn't really worked for me.

Thank you for any help in advance!

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You didn't incldue your load order.


Why don't you use Vortex?


Sorry, I just added it.


I was under the impression that Vortex had issues and that MO2 was the best modding choice for Skyrim/Fallout.


Is this no longer the case?

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Vortex is perfectly fine for those wishing to use mods with their games. For those that wish to create mods, one needs to learn the ins and outs of Vortex or one will run into consequences. Case in point, I had to ask in the forums if there was a way to get Vortex to not strip out a top level folder from a 'mod' archive that consisted of only source scripts. Turns out one needs to use the right click menu on the uninstalled 'mod' and choose to install as-is.



What happens when you start the game with SKSE? Does the default game launcher appear? If yes, make sure you start Steam first. SKSE when ran will start Skyrim. But if Steam is not running, it will be started. This step prevents SKSE from hooking into the game as it should. Thus it is imperative to always start Steam prior to starting SKSE. Do note, that if this is indeed your issue, it would also happen when using Vortex or any other mod manager. I still get caught by this on occasion.

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