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Hello, I'm not a forum user so I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I need some help. It's probably something very simple that I'm just not getting.

I'm having some pretty visible texture errors when downloading some custom armor mods (I have a video example I can send). Not sure if it's just due to the complexity of the mods or if it's just something I'm missing.

I have Mod Engine 2 installed, got my mods folder created, and I have Yapped Runebear installed so I can edit the regulation.bin if need be. All of my mods seem to be working fine, weapon mods, gameplay mods, etc, except for custom armor mods. At this time, I am trying to use and install these mods:




In one of the mod descriptions, it instructs the user to change some params in the reg.bin, which I've done but it only seemed to make the mod look worse lol.

Anyone know what it is I seem to be missing here? Help would be much appreciated! :smile:

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