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Game Project - Speciation


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Hello there everybody, i and a couple of friends recently, and i mean really recently, started a project which entails the creation of an isometric game centered towards extreme replayability and to encourage players to discover new things and hidden stuff, like the hidden items of morrowind and 'hidden routes'. Of course i am also thinking of making it a meme creating machine. Currently, funnily enough, we are looking for programmers who have experience, are learning or have background knowledge on the creation of isometric games. If this project intrigues you, please do give me a message. I will also be posting updates on the development of the project and asking for opinions for what people would like to see in such a game. Have a good day or night.


We are also looking for voice actors or story writers.


That is all for now, as I've said, if you are interested in being a part of this project, just give me a message, i will ask you a couple of questions and then I'll invite you on the discord server of the project.


If you are curious on what this project is about, you can also just ask on this post


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To give a brief summary, the game is about 'discovering' and 'creating' things that happen during the life and death of beings.once we will actually be able to make the game we will release a public alpha version with periodic updates. And another fun feature is that we won't have 'save files' but 'timelines'

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