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MCM not working(Fallout New Vegas)

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Hello world. I have such a problem here, I decided to make a build for fallout new vegas. At first, everything was fine, but then everything turned out not very well. My game began to hang every time I started it in the main menu. I tried to reinstall mods, reinstalled the game, change mod managers. I found out that the Mod Configuration Menu was to blame. I tried to put it on a clean version of the game, it simply does not work there (that is, it is installed in the mod manager, but it is not in the game). If I add other mods, the game freezes again in the main menu. I put all the plugins, to no avail. I went to the Internet, downloaded a popular build and then it also hangs in the main menu, I disable the mod in the mod manager, the game does not hang and works. I don't know what to do anymore, I spent a few days on it. MCM is needed for several mods to work, and there is no alternative to it. I really hope for help!!!

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