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A Short Sims Story ... Invasion of the Gooble Narks


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Invasion of the Gooble Narks



Chapter 1 ........................... The Shame of Prof. Zorg Narga .



Professor Zorg Narga had been secretly working on his robot army for the past sixteen years. His plan was simple, invade the Paradise Republic of Sasuru Wanga and become the new Uber Zark.


Yes, he laughed hysterically, it was time to exact his revenge on the clowns at the Xlyzar Science Facility.



They had mocked him when he proposed opening a new lab to experiment on the Orba Gorbla monkeys to see whether or not he could find a cure to completely remove the Moodlet from the Sims lives and so they could all live happily ever after.



Professor Salini Kanoobly had openly mocked him in front of all the faculty when she said, “Professor Narga, you are insane, the holy grail of all Simdom is unattainable and only a fool would propose such a waste of simoleons, perhaps it’s your Moodlet that needs fixing”.


The entire faculty, students and the Uber Zark who had come visiting rolled on the ground laughing hysterically, “Meega wanga doobly, mega wanga doobly” or “Your moodlet is @#&%”.


He remembered how his faced had turned red and so to his Moodlet and how he had fled from their jeers and laughter.



The next morning when he got to his lab he found it empty, except for a note which read, “Your stuff is at the front door, goodbye Mad Moodlet Man and don’t come back”, signed Prof. Salini Kanoobly.


And there they were waiting for him, everyone including an army of reporters with questions and remarks like;


“Professor Zorg, is it true that you were going to put monkey brains in our heads ?”


“I heard his father married a monkey”


“Is it true that you live in a tree ?”


“Prof Zorg do you eat monkey brains ?”


“Prof. Zorg what if we run out of monkeys ?”


“Manga banga banga” or translated, “You’re nuts”


“I’m not going to marry a monkey, I don’t even like banana’s”


“Do monkeys shave”


“He turned my husband into a monkey”


One man even started singing the National Anthem, “Moona boona boona boo, Wee kasanga kachoo moo, Eena pokey Ko lay noo, emma wara tanda loo”.


To which all the crowd erupted in cheers.



Prof. Zorga felt his Social Moodlet drop to zero and burst out crying, which was soon followed by an excruciating pain as Prof. Salini Kanoobly firmly planted the sharp point of her shoe in his ass and sent him tumbling down the stairs.


The camera lights flashed and the reporters jostled wildly taking any picture they could of his body lying prostrate with his face in the gutter.


His Moodlet turned red as he remembered his shame but then strangely it instantly went green.


“They will cringe before me like poodlets, they will lick my boots, I will make them hiccup from their pants”.


“I will overrun their cities with my armies and throw Prof Salini in my monkey tank, I will turn them red, everyone of them .... mwahahahahahahahahaha”.


He turned away from the window and walked over to his gigantic super computer with all it’s blinking multi-cloloured lights.


He turned knobs and dials and pulled levers and dropped switches which sent great blasts of steam from the floor into the air.


The large metal floor began opening up and out of the steam rose huge machines with gears three stories high.


Slowly they started turning, rotating and pumping.


“Mwahahahahahahaha” he laughed maniacally, “Yes, yes, come alive, come alive my beauties”.


Massive jolts of lightning shot from machine to machine and the ground began to shake with their hum.

Hope you like it, I cooked this up as I wrote so it's not perfect.

Edited by Nintii
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