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[SSE] expanded bounty hunting/sellsword work


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I'd like a mod that adds more variety to the roster of bounties you can accept from inn keepers and stewards all over skyrim. I've killed enough bandits, forsworn, giants and dragons that they'd all be on the brink of extinction at this point, yet there's always new ones at the exact same camp, like they're multiplying like rabbits. It'd be cool to have a few new types of bounties thrown in among the existing ones to mix things up a little.



-investigate areas of reported sightings, attacks or disappearances, track the problem down yourself. kinda like in the witcher games.


-hunt down random enemies, like predators, lone beasts, wandering daedra left over from the plane melds, werewolves, vampires, falmer, or literally just one or a group of bandits or necromancers or something.


-use mod-added enemies, like mihail's, optional integration with headhunter, the notice board, and missives.


-escort quests?



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