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Need help fixing a few issue with my first mod

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I’m creating my first mod that actually involves using the render window in the CK and have run into a few issues. The mod itself is just repositioning the fish tanks added by the Fishing creation in lakeview manor to the wall behind the forge instead of on the left-hand side of the first room.

I moved everything and can add fish to the tanks, and they swim so…Success! However there a few problems.

  1. The floor and roof I added to extend the forge room into the fish room is flickering with the other connected floor bits.(KINDA FIXED)
  2. There are some clutter items that for some reason refuse to appear even when everything is built. (FIXED)
  3. When you enter the basement, you stare into the void until you come closer to the hallway.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I can send the ESP, take more screenshots or hop in a discord call to share screen if needed.


Link with sceenshots: https://imgur.com/a/EnMB9rI


EDIT: fixed one issue and kinda fixed the flickering problem

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