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Does anyone here have an Atari, or have played any of the Atari games? they were so wonderful!


Atari's were really old computers that used the old 6x6 inch floppies... that's where the name floppy comes from; the entire disk could bend.


Games we had: Q-bert, spyhunter, MOnty, "assorted little games", and some other casettes, like Worm Wars, and Joust, and... DesertFalcon and Polaris... soo many games!

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I don't remember Monty. When did it come out?


I had an Atari VCS 2600 console. It used big clunky cartridges about the size of a paperback book. The system came packaged with a few game cartridges that each had maybe two dozen different games. Each game on a cartridge was just a slight variation from the other games on that cartridge. It also had two joystick controllers and two steering wheel controllers. It hooked to the TV like modern consoles. There was eventually a whole bunch of different game cartridges for the Atari VCS.


Some of the games I remember are:

Video Olympics - Lots of variations on Pong!

Combat - Tank wars in different kinds of mazes!

Air-Sea Battle - Bomb ships with planes!

Space Invaders - Keep marching hordes of aliens from landing with your missiles!

Asteroids - Zap incoming rocks to keep your spaceship alive!


We had hours of video game fun with the Atari VCS. Many of you would laugh to see how crude the games were. It makes you wonder what people will be playing a few decades from now.

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