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Everyone is smaller and depth of field is completely #^€&€&d to an almost unplayable degree


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Decided to quit my current playthrough midway through and add a few more mods and start over, the only new things i added was various visual overhaul mods for khajiits/argonians, removed and added some overhauls to cities/terrain fixes, made sure patches had correct load order and some new graphics for items. I installed nothing that changed camera or messed with settings or changed sizes of npcs and now i have this trash that makes the game unbearable to play! Does anyone know how i fix this, its atleast a partial visual effect since npcs change size ever so slightly when they are near you. Depth of field or view or whatever is conpletely disable and was so before i had these problems.

Modlist: pastebin.com/RxKJXhYq

(Poor) Example of issue due to image size: https://imgur.com/a/ZfEjazj

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