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Hi everyone,


I'm a new member, I've heard about this site for years now, but I was always more of a console gamer, well except for The Sims 3, which was unplayable without mods, but they were everywhere to find.
Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I'm here now to download some mods, and I'm very grateful for them.


Random facts :

I'm old retro vintage

I don't talk much

I love video games

I live in my cat's home.

Pronouns She/her.

Name's Sand/Sangrrine


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Welcome to the forum side of Nexus.

I hope you enjoy your time here.

Some of us enjoy it so much we

have stayed a long time....

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I'm new here, I plan to move to PC gaming from Consoles, so I've decided to come here to look for Mods when I fully switch over to pc gaming.


Things I like:

FNAF(A fan since 2014)


to make 8-bit music



and a lot more.

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Thanks for the welcome :smile:

nice that's great! welcome to the community, always great to see new people, I remember my newbie days too, started in like 2020 so it isnt that long ago compared to a lot of others but yea, if you ever have any questions hit me up!

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Yo, I've been signed on here for a while but haven't done anything major with modding aside from getting some mods to work on RE2.


But I really need some tips on how to get mods to work on Skyrim Special Edition since I don't have much knowledge on how it works. Any quality of life improvements, graphics enhancements, lewd mods, survival, etc.

Just whatever most people recommend.


Can anyone direct me towards where to ask or if some people where they could give me a guide or recommendations, or even here would be nice.

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what a fun thread.


things about me:

I'm an ambivert, but still need a break from people

i like tinkering more than the play

i enjoy the journey more than the destination

ADD bad, medicated sometimes...

licensed sport and medical massage therapist

3 blackbelts from three different systems

pizza is the the food of the gods

I'm a Christian, since i was 12 and love apologetics

married 10 years to a hot red head

1 daughter, 5 years old, starting kindergarten

i homebrewed my wii so my daughter and i can play all the classics

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I'm a newcomer to this community, and I'm excited about transitioning from consoles to PC gaming. I've joined this forum to explore mods for when I make the full switch to PC gaming.


  • Some of my interests include:
  • Being a fan of FNAF since 2014.
  • Enjoying The Last of Us (TLoU). Creating 8-bit music.
  • Playing various games.
  • Watching animations.


Looking forward to engaging with this community and learning more about the PC gaming world!

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