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i know there is a liittle chance someone would read this, but i try anyway


i'm doing my own editing of the abi_base file. Most of the things are ok but there are a couple of changes that don't work in game, even if the description is changed


1) Massacre. i tried to make it more effective but i wasn't sure it was working so i just put an absurd number (autokill on enemies below 50% HP) to see if it's working or not. And it doesn't work. i still have to reach around 15% to get the autokill


2) Stonewall. Simply i wanted to make it last a bit longer. From 5s to 8s but then i noticed in game it doesn't even lasts for 5s (it lasts about 3s)


is there anything else i have to edit for these 2 talents?

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