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Having issues on XSX with "Cutting Room Floor" and Heljarchen blacksmith?


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I am playing Skyrim AE on Series X and have many mods installed and have a very stable game except "cutting room floor" mod which adds the small hamlet of "Heljarchen" to the map right next to the vanilla Nightgate inn. When I visit there there is a serious landscape glitch where the land is raised and glitches into the mod added blacksmith shop. Am I the only one who experiences this? Is there a fix? I am very experienced modding Bethesda games but this glitch has me stumped. I've watched videos where people have CRF installed and visit this location and do not have this glitch? I have gone through ALL my mods and disabled any that could possibly impact this location (Lanterns of Skyrim II, Veydogolt grasses, Landscape fixes for grass mods) and still the glitch persisits. I have NO architecture mods that modify this area of the map. The ONLY thing that fixes this glitch is disabling CRF which then removes this hamlet and blacksmith. I KNOW that CRF can't be causing the glitch because CRF specifically ADDED this hamlet and blacksmith shop and works fine for everybody else? Its very perplexing why this is happening? I can't help thinking that maybe the ported mod from PC (Nexus) was ported to Xbox in a bugged state and just needs fixing? Anyone else have this issue on Xbox with CRF installed? Anyone know a fix?



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