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Dismounting Dragons sometimes causes my character to go uncontrolled running off rapidly in a random direction


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So, trying to dismount Dragons sometimes causes me to start dramatically fast running uncontrollably in a random direction.


I'm not sure what's causing this as I can't even reliably reproduce this bug, it just happens whenever it wants to.


I thought it might've been because I was using Stokk - Simple Acrobatics and Athletics:




But even when disabled this still happens randomly.


Here's a pastebin with my load order:




And a video to better demonstrate the problem itself:




I tried googling this to see if there was anyone else who has ever experienced this and couldn't find anything. I did find numerous other problems reported with the Dragonborn DLC that I thankfully didn't experience, but this is like game-breaking.


The only real solution I've found for this is sometimes taking my weapon out will stop it and using the console with either TCL or TGM will prevent dying but it's still kinda annoying.


Has anyone ever seen a bug like this before? I've never actually played Skyrim very much before, I just bought it on Steam during their summer sale, and I'm only using like 50 ESP/ESMs collectively so it's not as if I have a massive mod list or anything.

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I have no idea what the cause could be. All I know for sure is that it happens randomly, sometimes it'll do it and sometimes it won't.


I specifically first encountered this at the end of the Dragonborn DLC when I was supposed to fight Miraak I couldn't land properly and had to use TCL to stop from dying and actually carry out the fight, because landing was flinging me off into the death waters.


Although, I still have my save from back then and when I went back to try to get the bug to trigger it wouldn't do it and kept working how it was supposed to.

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Posted (edited)



This version of the mod does not seem to contain the horse dismounting bug.


For future reference, in case anyone with this problem should ever come upon this thread, make sure when you download that mod that you extract the BSA, then delete meshes\actors\character\_1stperson\Behaviors\1hm_behavior.hkx, then put the mod back together in an rar or zip, and then install it.


That'll prevent first person forward/backward power attacks from breaking.



EDIT: never mind, this completely breaks dragon riding. I guess trying to have a bug-free mod that enables attacks in mid-air and underwater is just out of scope for skyrim

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