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Reviving BGM mod that didn't survive TU4 or 5


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Hey, I could use some help from someone who's familiar with the current method for modding in BGM for the game right now.


A mod that I was interested in seems to have depreciated due to the title updates and I wanted to try and do what I can to revive it, I've been doing some research but I think I'm hitting a wall with what kind of info I can find about how to do this. Whenever I install the mod via FirstNative or Fluffymanager, the BGM is silent, but the game loads normally.

The question I have is, where should I start my research and what can I do to actually fix this? I'm willing to do the work, I just don't know how to get started.

The mod in question:

I just really think this mod would go well with the Chill BGM pack that they released

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