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Fate Of the Skaal Quest Not Starting PLEASE HELP!


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I doubt anyone will respond to this or that anything they say will work if they do, but figured it couldn't hurt. Before I describe the issue I first want to say that I thought the mod "defying the gardener" (the one that lets you learn the final bend will shout part without the blond curve's dad getting eyeraped to death by the noodly appendages of the flying spaghetti monster :D ) was the cause so I uninstalled it and then loaded up a save file from before I started the dragonborn questline, playing thru the whole crappy temple again. And yet the same thing happens. I can't interact with the blond curve's dad or the curve herself after the final conversation ends the Temple of Miraak quest and SHOULD HAVE f*#@ING STARTED THE f*#@ING NEXT ONE TITLED FATE OF THE SKAAL BUT DID NOT, and if I go learn the 1st part of the bend will shout and pwn the wind stone on my own and then go try to talk the curve or her dad, they act like the entire f*#@ing dlc is finished. I have no Idea what could be causing this, as none of the mods I have installed would effect any of the dragonborn questline in any way. Console commands do nothing. This is as gamebreaking for the dragonborn dlc in special edition 1.5.97 or whatever as the dimhollow crypt Serana glitch is in "oldrim". Fortunately there is a patch on the pitiful bethesda.net mod service (I just import what little I get from there into vortex anyway) that fixes the same serana bug in SE but none for this one. (And I can't do s#*! in that pos creation kit so don't even try to tell me to make my own patch.) As with the Serana one in my previous failed oldrim playthru, I have never once had this glitch happen before. Both happen for no reason at all. f*#@ bugthesda for this s#*!. :verymad:

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