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Mod Request: Beige Menu filter instead of BLINDING white


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Days gone seems great but is missing that post apocalyptic feel which feels trashed on PC at least when bringing up the menu. The bright white clean menus are very immersion breaking and seem unfinished like place holders by the devs since they clash with the game itself. I mean even the font is grayish on white making it hard to see from a distance.


Just wondering if the intro screen and the in game menus could be have a beige filter implemented via the UE4 engine? Or would it have to be a .pak where the image are remade? If the menus are from UE4 would the color code of the white just be hexadecimal where we could change it, I dont know I am not a modder sadly.


If its easy as a QOL update maybe some kind of beige or sand filter to give it that run down post apocalyptic look we see in the game.

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