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[0] Preliminary Background Notes [0.0][0000]


Celestial Wanderer 13, CW13+ of:

DocHoliday and 13 NurseHolidays

RedWidow and 13 RedWidowers

BlackWidower and 13 BlackWidows

JungleJane and 13 JungleJills

TechiDJ and 13 Techicadets

KimPoss and 13 KimProbs

ProffClever and 13 ScholarClevers

SharpshotJoe and 13 SharpshotJacks

CaptainHeroic and 13 SoldierHeroics

TinkerJess and 13 TinkerJills

AbleAdam and 13 AbleEves

CasperGhoul and 13 CasperGhosts

MachoManly and 13 MachoMannets


-15+ Priders from Pride Citadel

-15+ Ninjamans from Chinapan along with followers, minions and animals.

-15+ Reregulators from Texanama along with followers, minions and animals.

-15+Andromans from Androidia along with followers, minions and synthetic animals.

-15+ Technomages from Futurepolis along with followers, minions and cyborg animals.

-15+ Coreleaders from Corecity along with followers, minions and animals.

-15+ Corecarers from Corecity along with followers, minions and animals.

-15+ Coreservers from Corecity along with followers, minions and animals.

-15+ Coresupporters from Corecity along with followers, minions and animals.

-15+ Watchiers from Futurepolis along with followers, minions and animals.

-15+ Spiers from Futurepolis along with followers, minions and animals.

-15+ Guardiers along with followers, minions and animals.

-15+ Workiers (blue collar workers) along with followers, minions and animals.

-15+ Serviers (white collar workers) along with followers, minions and animals.

-15+ Specialliers (miscellaneous specialists) along with followers, minions and animals.

-15+ Troopiers (military) along with followers, minions and animals.


Supercontinent of Centralasia


Damaged, Reduced, Predoomsday Civilizations!?

--United States of Columbia, USC

--New Southern Confederacy, NSC

--New Britain Commonwealth, NBC

--NewSoviet Union, NSN

--Etc to come


New Civilizations!?

--RepublicDC, RDC

--Caesar's Dynastic Empire, CDE

--New Hope Republic, NHR

--Union of Settlements DC, USDC

--Combined Enclavens of Enclaves, CEE

--Etc to come



FactionsDC (Domain of Columbia)


---Pride Orderhood

---Steeyzn Orderhood

---Compassionate Orderhood

---Techtronic Orderhood

---Miscellaneous Orderhood



-Technaplexes, Techna Complexes

-Generic Factions

---Raiders, gangers, marauders, cannibals, ghoulers etc.

---Settlers, traders, tribals, scavengers etc.




-Power Armour







-Atomic Machines


-Vending Machines





-Everyday Practical Pragmatic Prosaic




---Shesh, Sharl, Shont

---Sabaa, Sabae, Sabai, Sabao, Sabau

---Samaa, Samae, Samai, Samao, Samau

---Saraa Sarae Sarai Sarao Sarau

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[1] Taking a Tour Robotic Guided Tour [1.1][0001]


It had seemed like a good idea, at the time, to repair and reactive a tour robot. Now the jolly humanoid, volume carefully turned down, pointed to a half collapsed building whose smartmaterials kept it up as it was. "Please take note of the fine example of Georgian architectural features of the facade; there is no finer to be found here, in the supercity of Centropolis."


Part of the said building collapsed into the street but the tour robot did not seem to notice as it mentioned a tall, steel, statue of a colonial general riding on a horse. Except that it had been cut in half by some kind of laser. Being made of bronze, the cut off section had clearly been dragged away long ago by those wishing to recycle its valuable metal.


Captain Saraa Pridesworth paced after the robot, in her assault power armour, along with the rest of her Pridescouts Platoon of five squads. In that Yellowzone, beneath a cracked citydome, mutants were common but just as common were dangerous humans.


The robot managed to point to a city site that was actually in good condition. A three level structure proudly advertised virtual reality suites, fun time android companions, gameclubs, girliclubs, mature 3Dcinemas and other falsely labelled entertainments. They had all been oriented towards adult customers being mostly men.


They were 'cloaked' but that took extra energy and soon they would need to hide away so as to recharge their batterypacks.


Subcaptain Jarvis 2waycommed to Saraa. "Well, at least the robot provided us with free tourist brochures. Otherwise I am not sure why you had us fix and reactivate it."


Saraa responded. "The Counter Conspiracy Commission, the CCC, managed to leave some vital clues in a large minority of such city tour bots. If this robot has one, or more, of them then it will give a clue soon enough or at least that is my hope!"


Then the robot voice changed tone, though not by much. "It is said that a secret temple was hidden away in this area being of the Cult of Pyramidic Wonders."


At once the machine returned to its normal quality of voice but Saraa confirmed that they had just gained an important clue though other information had to be gained to go with it.


In a basement clothing boutique they rested while their batterypacks were recharged. The semiactive tour robot stood there, humming softly, while they rested and consumed cupcans of coffee, MREs and foodbars along with purified water. The Pridescouts took turns to sleep while the others staid alert.

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[1.2] Taking a Tour Robotic Guided Tour [0002]


Some clever tweaking, of the tour guide robot's programming, had it take the Pridescouts along a not so wildly zigzagging lane between a Floormart Shopping Complex and a Centropolis Police Centre. Both smartbuildings were in fairly good state but firmly locked up with armoured shutters in place over any possible egress.


They spotted a ghouller pack moving in the distance with their distorted, leather like, glistening skin and pale eyes. Darkness was falling helped by a rainstorm pounding on the cracked citydome letting heavy rain onto some areas. Flash flooding was rare but not unknown. The aggressive ghoullers carried pipes, rocks, and other items to be used as weapons if they had to do so. Ghoulification had taken place, in that part of Centropolis, thanks to the cracking of its citydome.


The Pyramid Shop was one of those trendy type businesses that had sprung up during the last few years before Doomsday as people sought distraction, from what was coming, and perhaps even a way out. It was hard to say what it had offered but there were advertisements for razor blade sharpening pyramids, psychic meditation strengthening pyramids and much else. Leaving the robot deactivated at the entrance, they walked amongst semiactive displays, pods holding robots, scattered skeletal remains of both staff and customers along with a few of pets.


Saraa knew it was important even as she saw the big, solid, pyramid structure that dominated the large room that it centered. The four sided structure had an eye-pyramid symbol on each side. Then there was the large, open, door on just one side that led to a tunnel that led, in turn, to a big cubechamber. Yet Saraa sensed it was too dangerous for any of them to just go straight in, that they had to look around first for more information.

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[2.1] LittleFateMan Visits and Helps [0003]


Suddenly the LittleFateMan was there almost as if he had always been there. Looking like a crazy tourist, of the 1950s, with a flowery tropical button shirt, odd brown shorts, a large suitcase and a colourful umbrella, he came to where Saraa was examining a large display on the Ancient Pyramids of Angland. It was said that the Ancient Anglish built the pyramids because they were obsessed with their weather and rainwater flowed easily down the sides of a pyramid shape.


The LittleFateMan smiled and Saraa, as usual, only remembered him when he was with her or was communicating with her in some other ways. "The Ancient Anglish did not build the pyramids but simply took them over and claimed that they did. It was Celtpyans who did so but they were driven north into Scotchland where they settled and began to make their own, fine, brands of scotch whiskey. Of course, none of this might be true given the true nature of this multiworld."


He took let go of his suitcase so that it floated, rather solidly, in mid air before examining what looked generally like a pocket watch except for its crazy face with its 13 arrows. They moved both clockwise, and counter clockwise, when moving at all and at differing speeds. Nor were the speeds always consistent.


Saraa smiled. "Yes, a quasireality of artificial creation of a great experiment gone at least partially wrong."


The LittleFateMan shook his head, with a soft frown, put the pocket watch like device away and then smiled at Saraa. "From that pyramid structure will come three, small, teams who will help your cause that you share with all of the ChosenOnes. Then the device will become just a foolish, fake, display meant only to entertain people while fleecing them of their money."


He kissed her on a cheek, a positive tingle of energy flowing through her. "It is good to be with you, beloved granddaughter!"


Saraa smiled back and kissed him back, another positive tingle of energy going through her body. "It is good to be with you, beloved granddad though you are always, in a sense, with me. This place reflects the fearful madness of the times just before Doomsday of the Second New Age and the technohippy movement but I suppose you know that. Yet there is something else hidden here as if its obvious nature was always intended to be camouflage for something else."

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[2.2] LittleFateMan Visits and Helps [0004]


The LittleFateMan smiled and then vanished away almost as if he had never been there. Saraa, being used to such behavior, was neither surprised or insulted. Instead she watched the suitcase, the umbrella had vanished with the LittleFateMan, settle to the floor and change, expand, with a shimmer. It became a fairly large carrier robot with four smart wheels that could alter to suit different types of ground.


The conventional storage areas were full of useful, spare, equipment and supplies. In a transdimensional manner, that she did not bother to try to understand for that was impossible at that time, there were some more exotic items whose purpose, for being there and then, was more obscure for some of them than for others.


The other Pridescouts were oblivious to what had taken place with the visit, of the celestial being, and now had a logical explanation of how they had obtained the robot full of goodies; they had simply run into it being stuck in some corner where, during the horrors of the days before Doomsday, it could easily have been left there.

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[3.1] Newcomers From A Pyramid [0005]


Saraa realised that she had not forgotten about the LittleFateMan or at least not yet. The other Pridescouts knew about the normal storage, of the carrier robot, but not the more exotic one but she knew about both.


Saraa reached out to her four quintuplet sisters and to her five quintuplet half-brothers. They were either at PrideCitadelDC, of the Domain of Centropolis, or at one of the five other major MultiOrderhood sites. PrideCitadelDC was mainly used by the PrideOrderhood of military oriented services so was central to her own people. Then there were the five + three others, close to her, that were in a special place and of special nature. Everyone was fine though curious about what was going on especially when they learned that the LittleFateMan, of the LittleFateFamily, was involved.


First came 10 Ninjamans from Chinapan along with followers, minions and animals.


Second came 10 Reregulators from Texanama along with followers, minions and animals.


Third came 10 Andromans from Androidia along with followers, minions and synthetic animals.


Last came 10 Technomages from Futurepolis along with followers, minions and cyborg animals.


The pyramid structure shimmered and became only a display, a piece of fakery, that now fitted better into its surroundings. The newcomers did not stay for long but met briefly before setting out in different directions. There would definitely be meetings in the near future but now there were good reasons for them all, as ChosenOnes, to spread out along with those that had come with them; they both had tasks to carry out and needed to spread out as possible targets of very dangerous, shadowy, enemies.


Saraa forgot about the visit, of the LittleFateMan, at least for now.

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[4.1] Creation of the new Pridetaskforce Delta [0006]


Saraa was joined by her quintuplet sisters of Sarae, Sarai, Sarao and Sarau. They brought with them other Pridescouts, Priderangers, Pridetechs and other types of Priders along with auxiliaries such as animals, robots and even a small number of androids. In a large, indoor, multipurpose arena they reviewed their armour-armed vehicles, motorised trailers and modules. Pridebots were special designed-built robots as Pridedroids were androids of the same nature while Pridenamals were special bred-trained animals.


What were they there for?


Officially they were to seek out a series of listed secretive, or very secret, locations to gather information for its own sake that could also lead to unlisted locations. Except that the arena building, mostly intact as it was with a surprisingly large amount of resources, of different kinds, would form the Pridebase. At any one time at least one, of the five sisters, would be there overseeing matters.


The five male quintuplets remained in PrideCitadelDC at least for now.


All of that took just over two weeks in which a heavy rainstorm came from the east, from the Atlantissian Ocean being of the famed, lost, city of Atlantis.


Reaver longboats, motorised and deadly, had caused trouble in the coastal waters and by raiding smaller coastal settlements except that all were heavily fortified. Where they came from, with their garish modern armour, weapons, and other tech was a mystery. At least they did not have power armour or energy weapons but being some kind of superhumans they did not seem to need such.


SUDC Trading Caravans, of animal power, and motorised convoys, had increased their numbers and firepower because of increasing troubles that appeared to have more than one cause; where they linked, somehow?


The Settlements Union DC had completed negotiations with the MultiOrderhood Diplomatic Council, the MODC, and an early treaty had been formed with the hope of a stronger, more comprehensive, alliance to come.


Saraa Pridesworth set out with her original taskgroup of squads with just a few additions and a couple of swap overs of individuals. Taskgroup K17, a misleading code name, was bound for an urban mansion estate dotted suburb formerly of the super wealthy. Each estate had been equipped with its own dome. They moved in a convoy of hoversleds being troopsleds, gunsleds, carriersleds and specials; all the vehicles were deliberately made to look much like each other. This was done to conceal very important vehicles such as the two HQsleds.

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[4.2] Creation of the new Pridetaskforce Delta [0007]


Saraa's taskteam was met, and added to, by Techtronic Orderhood elements in the form of three squads and three special hoversleds. They were dropped off by three carrycopters of hubcopters (helicopters with hub protected rotors) being protected by two guncopters, a troopcopter full of the Techtronic people and a troopcopter full of Pridetroopers. Each carrycopter had, in its cargo hold, a hoversled with its personnel. These hoversleds were designed to blend in with the ones already there.


They moved, now, in separate groups that were not far apart from each other, each group having two gunsleds with it. The gunsleds each carried a few additional personnel or some extra cargo and had bigger weapon turrets than did most other types of hoversled. They kept to underground ways, when they could, including ones created since Doomsday took place over 300 standard years ago. When above ground they tried to keep to covered routes and were more likely to be cloaked though doing so cost extra AC electricity.


They passed a large hunting scavenging party of metamutants going through large preserver bins that had not been opened since Doomsday. Three were fighting, with only a little aggression, over a bag of unwanted food put there for recycling; preserver bins were special and only used for organics meant for reclamation. The mishmash armoured mutants were armed with a wild mixture of weapons being often types of tools or emergency devices such as fireaxes but they did have a very few slippipeguns.


They came to the very edge of the Living Utopian Estates the name of which was now a sick joke.

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[5.1] In the Sick Joke Estates [0008]


Experimental, high risk, domes had been used over about two thirds of the mansions of the Living Utopian Estates. When the citydome, over that cityzone, had failed so had those experimental domes; the results were a type of ghoulification more terrible than the typical sort. In contrast the other mansion estates were generally doing well though some did more so than did others.


Screaming, sickly glowing, ghoulrads rushed at the now collected together convoy and perished as they were gunned down well before they came too close; when killed, some of the ghoulrads literally exploded with flashes of highly radioactive energy that killed others around them; sometimes a chain reaction was caused, wiping out multiple ghoulrads. Then the last of them were dead, at least of that swarm.


Security systems had been long defeated by the presence, of ghoulrads, but as the taskgroup went closer to the low hulking, but very ornate, mansion much care was taken anyway. Smashed, or just inactive, security robots were left over from very old skirmishes along with the skeletal remains of ghoulrads; blackened patches indicated where distorted humans had exploded being bare of even heavily mutated, radiation resistant, plants and fungi.


They came into an area, shielded by an odd roof extending out from the one, big, mansion building where the radiation was far less intense. That shielding had seemingly succeeded when the estate dome had failed. Friendly ghoullants were there, cultivating glowshooms, cornlicks, applematoes and pussplants while ghouldogs slept or moved amongst them seeking attention. There were also five ghoulmans, of cleaner human type skin, wearing light radsuits because their radiation resistance was weaker than that of either the ghoullants or ghouldogs.


With some negotiating, following limited bribery of the locals, Saraa was with the ghouls as a small ghouldog slept curled up in her lap, she sitting cross legged on a mat as the locals did. She wore her stealth power armour with added anti-radiation augmentations. With her was Jarvis and four other Priders.


The ghoulman leader, there, shook his transparent bubblehelmet enclosed head. "We, who were not turned into ghoulrads or downright killed, were at least under this type of shelter or deeper inside the heavier protection of the mansion. At least this mansion was designed against high radiation as not all mansions were. That one, just over there, is one that gave no extra protection to those in it. There is, in the estates, at least one experimental, biological, building that was ghoulified. Over 100 years ago, one ghoulrad one, exploded dramatically but that was merciful. I take it that you did not just drop in by accident or are just passing through."


Saraa responded. "Highly classified, Predoomsday, datafiles speak of a highly secret, secured, research-development centre being hidden below your mansion."

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[5.2] In the Sick Joke Estates [0009]


The ghoulman nodded. "All those living in the mansion were there only to make the mansion seem legitimate in its own right. The Rising Realization Centre was tightly sealed against us. We did attempt to reach those, in it, soon after Doomsday but were forced to retreat thanks to heavy security remoteturrets and remoterobots. All attempts to communicate with them, via the secret telecommunications cable, also failed and none, there, have made any attempt to reach us since the last, routine, call just two days before Doomsday."


Saraa paused, but not for long, before talking. "We can add to the hitech solidstate modules that we gave to you for we have 4Dprinters with us; giving us useful printing material will help you gain more for our own stocks, of such, are quite limited. We want as much data, on the mansion and the research development centre, that you have including on the area between the two if there is one."


The ghoulman man nodded. "We call it the buffer zone because that it was it has always been for us. We would also like you to 2Dprint some writings for us especially some novels, schoolbooks, comics and pixbooks. We will deliver you what you want soon after we consult with our elders' council; I am sure that they will easily accept given what you have to give us."


Matters were not to turn out to be so straight forward!

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