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[6.1] In the Jackson Urban Mansion Estate [0010]


Saraa carefully carried the supertech cube shaped device across a big underground chamber and placed it on a clear area of the floor. Even as she left it behind, going back to where her people were spread out together, a field of energy spread out from it. Then, inside, that energy formation arose a connection to the LittleFateFamily.


So it was that not just Saraa but the whole Taskgroup gained general knowledge, at their level of comprehension, of the ChosenOnes, the criminally insane 13G13, ChosenQuests, the Rainboa Entities, the enemy Shodoza, and much else. The big background information was that that world, that was part of a multiworld, was a quasireality of almost total reality being threatened with, most of all, its intrinsic instability.


Saraa, and her quintuplet sisters, along with their quintuplet half-brothers, were part of one Chosen15+, there being the Chosens15+. She now felt freer in using at least some of her ChosenPowers more openly.


The influence, of the LittleFateFamily, that had strengthened the 'message' now faded away. Then there were a series of clever holographic projections showing more data about what was the 13Genesis13 Program of Projects, the 13G13PP as founded by what was known as the 13G13. There was also the Rainboa influences on that multiworld that went right back to its earliest stages of creation and development.


The information was extremely useful but also both general in nature and with many gaps needing to be filled in.


With a mild sparkling shimmer a large, rainbow patterned, cube materialised and out from it came Sarae along with more Priders including Prideauxies, auxiliaries. There were extras of carrybots full of standard equipment-supplies along with some items outside of that category. The Rainboacube dematerialised with another sparkling shimmer, a possible side effect of a device moving transdimensionally.


She returned the supertech device to the special, hidden, storage compartment of the odd carrier robot.

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[7.1] Going to the Jackson Urban Mansion Estate [0011]


The Celestial Wanderer became embedded into the local, mortal, reality and adjusted to it even as it adjusted to it; as 13 individuals, almost as one, the CW made their way through the crazy estates with their mixture of damaged and undamaged domes. There was DocHoliday, JungleJane, RedWidow, BlackWidower, TechiDJ, KimPoss, ProffClever, SharpshotJoe, CaptainHeroic, TinkerJess, AbleAdam, CasperGhoul and MachoManly. They staid cloaked, in their very individualistic styled power armour, and roaming patrols of heavy security robots failed to detect them as did other heavy security tech.


'They' had been sent to assist the Ssisters who, as ChosenOnes, were facing a bigger threat than they knew.


CaptainHeroic, the commander who was not sure that he liked his name, 2wayed with the others. "Recent activation of heavy security units and networksystems indicate that a strong artificial intelligence has become busier but does it act alone or for another?"


As the others well knew, the question had been rhetorical as none there had the knowledge to truly answer it.


There came, to the CW13, the muffled sounds of gunfire. They reach out, with ESP and soon knew that a group of National Guardsmen, or at least a variation of them, were shooting at heavy security robots; they were often using EMPguns to knock them out, clearly intent on capturing them, though they had back up of those armed with standard GI (General Infantry) weapons such as excellent pupcarbines, launcherguns, quadguns and lasercarbines. There were armatrucks at back of them into which were being loaded knocked out robots. Security robots were, in turn, dragging away Guardsmen who turned out to be sophisticated androids.


JungleJane frowned. "A polite battle of capture the enemy?"


CaptainHeroic snorted. "The reward of which could be either side gaining new units or getting to trade later for bonuses or are they..." He shrugged. "We are close to the Jackson Urban Mansion Estate so I suggest that we continue so that we get there before Saraa, and Sarae, lead their people to the secret complex below the estate only to discover it is far more than just that."

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[7.2] Going to the Jackson Urban Mansion Estate [0012]


Very high above appeared the white contrails of five high altitude supersonic aircraft flying in 'V' formation. They were aerospacecraft of the Defence Security Science Aerospacenetwork or DSSASN or DeSSASN.


They passed a postal robot busy trying to put more junk mail into an oversized mailbox overflowing with the stuff. Soon that robot was transferred to another place better known to the CW13.


A hulking, feral, cat went to race past the CW13 but was soon adopted along with her kittens that were sent to the safety of a special, portable, sanctuary. Scientific studies of her, including genetic samples, would more than pay for her being cared for along with her offspring but it was really done for compassionate reasons. The postal robot was already there as it was upgraded to better carry out postal delivery duties.

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[8.1] Two Factions Meet and Agree Upon an Alliance [0013]


Even as locals attacked the Priders, and other locals came to their aid, the CW13 showed up to attack the attackers but from behind. Ghoullaks, berserker ghoullaks with retractable claws, fangs and stabbing tails raced at the combined defenders along with more numerous ghoullers that did not have the stabtails but did have the rest. The stupidity was that were no real threat against Prider power armour but the two Ssisters 'sensed' that some kind of hidden, malignant, presence was driving them onwards anyway.


As the CW13 joined the battle, smartly enough the ghoullers, and ghoullaks, turned and fled away. The shooting ceased at once as the newcomers went amongst the dead, and dying, ghouls of which the great majority had been the aggressors. As powerful healers, Saraa and Sarae joined them. As ChosenOnes, the two quintuplets used hidden techtricks to gain more knowledge, about the ghoul but so did the CW13 though with different types of technologies.


CW13's ProffClever frowned. "A Malignaster is not too far away from us and it took control of the ghoulbads until it either chose to remove it or the reasonable fear, of the ghoulbads, broke the controlling bondage."


The LittleFateLady was suddenly there almost as if she had always been there. She spoke. "Deep beneath, this mansion, is a fake research development centre that is a prison cell designed, and build, to contain that powerful avatar of the Malignagoddic. The prison has been slowly-steadily failing. It is time to deal with that Malignaster but hopefully in a positive manner; that is to return it back to what it really was before the Malignagoddic seduced it, enslaved and malignaised it. That would damage the Malignagoddic, of Malignagods, far more deeply than if the Malignaster was destroyed."


The LittleFateLady looked most elegantly dangerous in her safari outfit and with her big hunting-rifle with its three open ended barrels and three lens-barrels. She had a fashionably matching, but practical, backpack on her back. A big, two headed, hunting hound crouched next to her, one one side, and a big cat on her other while an eagle was perched on one shoulder and a sleeping owl on another.


She sighed and energy flew visibly out of her mouth. "Those, in the mansion, have been either killed or trapped in their safe retreat zone. Luckily most did manage to get away despite the malignant treachery of some of their own. I will return, soon, and will leave behind myself some assistance. There is a task that I must carry out before we can attempt to deal with the trapped Malignaster."


Then she vanished almost as if she had never been there. There were, standing where she had been, three specialised robots of the kind used by sophisticated, hitech, thieves to get into heavily secured buildings. There were three, standard, carrybots with them that carried stuff related to the first three robots.

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Note: BlackWidow changed to BlackWidower, that is as in female to male.


[8.2] Two Factions Meet and Agree Upon an Alliance [0014]


The big, old, chamber was where the attack had taken place it being of carved stone blocks, strange statues and other features indicating the alves, of the fae, had once lived there. What else they had done there was a mystery for there were no real clues. Alves, elves, ilves, olves and ulves were fae much known, and common, but much less so than such as the gnomes and centaurs; of the five, the elves were easily the most famous and populous to such a point that many had forgotten that the others had even existed.


The ChosenOnes, and the CW13, were very much aware of the existence of the quinlves.


Dusknen, Dawnnen, Daynen and Nightnen looked to be identical quadruplets but were clone-siblings with the first two being women and the last two men; they had been born to surrogate human mothers. They stood, in power armour, on sentry duty with their adapted battlerifles of supersniperguns and back up battlepistols.


A big old plastiwood table was found, still sturdy enough to use, in an antechamber full of useless, semiuseful and useful goods. Chairs, mats, smaller tables, bunks and other bits of furniture had been brought out to the main chamber and were being used. Predoomsday 3Dposters had been put up, on a wall, being commercial advertisements, government propaganda and even religious sermons.


More food, and drink, was consumed with a large focus on coffee with tea being the next most popular.


A meeting was held at the big table.

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[9.1] Going to the Chosenzone [0015]


The Rainboacube materialised but as three such of much larger size than before. Through energy gates went locals and other lifeforms were taken by floating rainboabubbles to safety. Sarae went there, with a few of her people, intending to return as soon as possible. She needed to liaise with special, exotic, entities there for the sake of the ChosenOnes, the MultiOrderhood and multiple others.


Saraa staid and was there when the two factions alliance became a three factions one.


The attempt to break through, to part of the sealed off mansion proper, began from another chamber with the use of the three special robots and other specialised gear. Bizarre black substance had filled up other approaches into the great, old, structure.


The LittleFateLady returned, almost as if she had always been there, with small trails of smoke floating up from parts of her hair and clothes. She spoke with a tone of irony. "That could have gone better. There is the trapped Malignaster there but also another, extremely malignant, entity that somehow one could not identify except that it is a new type of expression of the Malignagoddic or at least partly so. One was unable to defeat it because it has taken the Malignaster hostage, threatening to destroy it if one tried to do so. Most unsporting of it!"


She sighed. "A nap is in order! Nearly all must go, from here, to the Chosenhome of the Chosenzone for a battle is coming between celestials and anticelestials. Continue your attempts to free those trapped in the mansion; the Rainboacube can not do so directly thanks to a distortion field projected by the newly discovered foe."


Then the LittleFateLady vanished away almost as if she had never been there.

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Note: changed, above, 'all must go' to 'nearly all must go' as in to the Chosenhome of the Chosenzone.


[9.2] Going to the Chosenzone [0016]


Chosenhome was a great, stretched out, settlement beneath a great tripledome, as in a dome of three distinct layers. The Rainboa had taken up residence there in the Rainboacastle as created by Rainboafollowers for the Rainboachild but with her guided assistance. Then there was the Chosen15+ there that was always there in service support of all of the ChosenOnes but it, also, was quick to assist the Rainboachild.


Though amazing enough, the other structures were plain when compared to the fantastical Rainboacastle rearing upwards from the very center of the altered Chosenhome. Though much of it was identifiable as being at least castle like, much of it was a crazy mixture of amusement park, advanced city, modern fortress, factory, agricultural tiers, romantic palace and other facets less easy to define.


There were a large number of folks, as the Chosenfolk, of a wide variety along with robots, androids and much else. Outside of Chosenhome there were big domefarms where harvesting was taking place of more than just food. Most traffic was hidden in the underground subway networks.

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Note: changed, above, in Post #13, the fate of the frustrated postal robot.


[10.1] A Battle Fought by Powers Beyond Mortal Means [0017]


The mansion estate was quiet what with the trapped Malignaster having been freed and sent to the Rainboacastle while the LittleFateLady had retreated to rest-recover in the LittleFateHome. The isolating black substance was gone so the three specialised robots were not needed being sent to the Chosenzone for checking over. All those still in the mansion estate were transferred to the Chosenzone including all flora-fauna-fungi-fringe-fantastic.


A chosen Priders CW13 and mansion folk group went to where the battle had taken place only to find that the mansion was rejuvenated, regenerated, to a fairly sophisticated level. The decision was made that the MultiOrderhood would gain control of the mansion estate to use as it saw fit or to pass it on to others.


Any research, at that place, had been focused on the previously captured Malignaster and the research data found only proved that the researchers had learned very little about the captive. Under disturbing circumstances the prime scientific team had all perished along with their assistants, bodyguards and others who happened to be too close to them at the time. In a fashion beyond mortal understanding, they had been saved and were also in the LittleFateHome.


In mortal terms what had happened was both amazing and an anticlimax.

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[11.1] Reregulators in Action Against Manmutants [0018]


Reregulators unleashed firepower at manmutants with mutated natural armour and enhanced physical abilities. Manmutants bore extra armour, fired off slippipeguns, threw javelins, and struck with a crazy assortment of melee weapons; fireaxes were fairly common as were crowbars, sledgehammers and timber axes. The savage, brutal, creatures fell in large numbers to the blasting, explosive tipped, bullets of their enemy.


The manmutants turned and fled away being soon gone into the rubble of that area of Centropolis. While manmutants were a mixed bunch, when it came to how much of a threat they were, those had been marauders driven more savage with addiction to some terrible drugs.


Question was why had some faction been providing them with such expensive, and hard to get, drugs? Local settlers had spoken of not just manmutants being supplied with such. No, there were crazed raiders, gangers and even bandits out there acting just as crazy though the bandits were still less dangerous than the others.


It was also stated that the addicted were, in return, gathering up artefacts and providing their suppliers with such prizes in exchange for the drugs along with other items including slippipeguns, canned food rations, boots and medicines.


The Reregulators, and those with them, stopped for lunch!

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[12.1] Reregulators and Their New Mansion Estate Mainbase [0019]


The Reregulators took over the emptied mansion estate and it became the Reregulators Centropolis Mainbase. The newly appeared faction formed an initial agreement with the MultiOrderhood. Now the Reregulators focused on conversion of the mansion and estate with some assistance from the MultiOrderhood, the LittleFateFamily and RainboaOrderhood as it was now named so as to better fit in. In turn the Reregulators promised to be of great assistance to those three in turn and would be focusing on dealing with the Utopian Estates, which was important a task to be completed.


The former Malignaster was now a happy, go lucky, Rainboanaster taking a very big bath with an oversized Rainboababy being cared for by a wide range of Rainboafolk there in the Rainboacastle. Soap suds water went splashing, in all directions, as the pair had happy fun with each other, the Rainboanaster stretching out its tentacles in glee.


As for the Priders, they kept operating from their new base but it was soon clear to them that it did not fully fulfill their needs. Yet they had no better alternatives available to them and did not wish to place all of their assets into the Chosenzone. They began to pick up increasingly hard evidence of dangerous activity taking place in that same area being linked to manmutant, ghoulman and contracted mercenary forces; clearly some faction was building up an army but for what reason? The name '13Warlords13' first came to the notice of the newly arising alliance.


The CW13 were fascinated to learn that there were Predoomsday comic books that were basically themselves as rather colourful characters; the publications were not intended for children to enjoy but were not pornographic or overly violent either. They decided to find out if there was some kind of cosmic reason for that odd situation existing.

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