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[20.1] CW13 Extend to CW13+ [0029]


DocHoliday gained 12 NurseHolidays to assist him being outwardly very attractive, professional, young women in dull white jumpsuits with special offwhite body-armour over top that. This was the first step in the CW13 becoming the C13+. As the 13 strong TeamHoliday, they started to assist sick-injured Wastelanders and in the process began to save lives that otherwise would have been lost.


There had always, since Doomsday and before, been strange illnesses in the Wastelands but more recently an unknown faction had been deliberately spreading dangerous viruses, bacteria and parasites; surprisingly they were not too lethal as if those behind the pandemic wanted local folk to be weakened so that they could be conquered rather than all killed.


The TeamHoliday became assisted by their own people, by local volunteers and MultiOrderhood people coming in from outside. Bullet proof tents, and prefabricated structures, were soon filled with activity while armoured hover ambulances went out to pick up new patients. Much medicine was being used, some of it very advanced, while accommodation was set up for those who came. A warm wind came from the west, bringing with it a mild stink of the Deathlands where it was said that the 'restless dead' were ever active though not all were dangerous.


It was confirmed that the Priders' base had been attacked by a large Killforce of killdroids and killbots, the ones that had forced them to withdraw to the Chosenzone as they had later done to the Andromans. It was decided that the Killforces were controlled by another, more dangerous, faction but their identity remained a mystery; could it be the Malignagods controlling the Killforces somehow?


At that time the elements controlling the killdroids, and the Deathlands, were not linked together by the the alliance.

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[21.1] TVBellies Surviving But Not Thriving [0030]


Jaded, damaged, dangerous TVBellies had once, as portly androids, entertained children with the 3DTVs on their bellies but now three of them showed 'adult 3Dmovies' to a mostly male adult audience. It took place in a chamber in the Cratertown Games'N'Girls Saloon also offering other goods and services, though not always openly. Outside of the Cratertown Dome, but inside the Cratertown Ringwall, the establishment was run by Tanz Moriarty for the notorious Moriarty Family who were linked to the SyndicatesDC based in the settlement of Paradiseville.


Half naked showgirls danced on the two stages, opposite each other, shedding more clothing as they went. Sometimes they were replaced by showboys but mostly there were females strip dancing.


Cutekill, once named Cutekiss, sat comfortably in a guarded semiconscious state, as the other two TVBellies there did. The other three TVBellies were taking a break in a cramped chamber where the group's companions were waiting, including humans and animals. On his Belly3DTV contorted naked bodies as one man and two women. Unbeknown by the audience, he and his two friends were 3Drecording them. Such recordings equaled information that could be valuable for selling, or trading, though the TVBellies were careful in what information they sold, or traded, to whom.


In a close antechamber a prostitute was having sex with a client. In this case it was a showgirl earning extra money on the side, of her main job, with a male customer.

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[21.2] TVBellies Surviving But Not Thriving [0031]


The bloated monster, Tanz Moriarty, sat in his oversized armchair with a seminaked showgirl on his lap but in this case she was a mid level android. As much as he looked like a lazy old fool, he was an extremely dangerous individual who looked forward to a rising career in the Moriarty crime family. Either side of him was a very though looking bodyguard being a ghoulman man and a human woman. Both had body-armour and lots of weapons including powerful guns.


At that moment an odd shiver went through the whole chamber causing people to pause until it was quickly gone; there had been other such incidents in Cratertown, and a large area around it including other settlements, so people had gotten used to them.


Galaxy3D Broadcasting Service played as a 3Dradio channel in the background but not too loud so as not to interfere with the listening pleasure of those watching the TVBellys' show!

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[22.1] Spiers15+ In Cratertown [0033]


Cratertown was an important member of the SUDC, the Settlements Union DC, and yet it was also whispered to be far more than that. Beneath, and to one side, of the crater was a moderately large subway station occupied by Subwayers of the Subways Alliance, who were deciding whether they wanted to form a treaty with the SUDC; it seemed most likely that they would do so for it would be a win win for both sides.


10 Spiers15+ came into the town, along with followers who had shapeshifted into humans, ghoulmans, animals and robots. The Spiers15+ were 10 humans in travel hoodrobes over practical, tough wearing, travel gear. Leaving all but five human followers behind, five Spiers entered the Games'N'Girls Saloon.


Uriel stood before Tanz Moriarty who was intimidated by the hulking male figure though he tried hard to pretend otherwise. Tanz sneered up at the newcomer. "What do you want?"


Uriel sighed with a strong touch of melodramatic patience. "You broke your contract with the TVBellies while both refusing to pay them what you owe them and keeping them here against their will. What you don't know is they have paid for protection and now here we are. If you do not wish to die, along with your cronies, you will pay over to us $500 as Emergency Issue Dollars and another $1,000 in a mix of prize bottlecaps, valid vending vouchers, secured small ingots, or other general recognised currencies or useful tradegoods. Valuable information will also count. We will be generous in our assessments of the value of what you offer. We will buy this establishment off you, along with its contents, for over twice what it is actually worth."


Moriarty made some quick calculations and he shrugged. "A big threat is coming from the north so you can have this place, this business, in exchange for what ever you offer. I have a master conman's sense that your offer will truly be generous and both my family and I want out of Cratertown. Even I staid I got more profitable operations than this to focus on."


Uriel shook his head. "We want you, and your family, out of Cratertown and not selling overpriced guns, and ammo, to desperate people. The same goes for your other merchandise such as alcohol, drugs and hard pornography. We are not the only ones to grow tired of you for the Cratertown Leadership Council, the Cratertown Business Council, the Cratertown Employees Council, the Cratertown Temple of Morality and the majority of town citizens all want you to depart. You have bullied, cheated and otherwise caused too much trouble. Bordertown is not too far away; the Moriarty Family already has establishments there so why not go there?"

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[22.2] Spiers15+ In Cratertown [0034]


Tanz scowled. "Different branch of the family and one feuding with my own so there is no chance that is going to happen. Where I go, and what I do, is none of your business."


Uriel almost smiled. "You will sell us your legitimate merchandise and hand over, for free, stolen items."


It seemed that Tanz would go along with the deal, that he could not refuse! Three days later his dead body was found, with a neat bullet hole in the head, in a cave chamber once full of stolen goods. With him were six dead cronies as dark minded as himself. They had been caught trying to smuggle those items out of Cratertown and had all been killed so quickly that they had been taken totally by surprise. In the end Moriarty had gained nothing at all for the loss of a great deal of resources along with the loss of his own life.

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[23.1] Gifts From the Highsky!? [0035]


The very large parachutes, always of duel coloured stripes of different colours, carried down from the highsky quite large, sealed up, hard wooden crates. At first they came in fewer numbers more scattered, as different sized clusters, across the supercontinent though they were most focused on Centropolis. They would slowly-steadily grow in numbers and impact.


Copper grey striped ones had hilotech of midtech manufactured lotech such as hand-tools, melee weapons, foldable handcarts, blankets, tents, coils of rope, backpacks, food rations, medical items, Silver grey ones, being fewer in number than copper grey parachuted crates, carried good quality midtech such as power tools, guns, foldable electric scooters, handlasers, compact coffeemakers, solar power panels and so much else. Gold grey ones were fewer in number than the silver grey ones and much less so than the copper grey ones. These carried hitech such as robots, advanced guns, laserblazers, holographic projectors, solidstate portable computers and so much else of the kind.


Yet more common than any of those were grey white striped ones full of basic, useful, supplies of food, building materials, fertiliser, antitoxic treatment liquid, gunpowder, cement, water and more. Red white striped ones carried lotech-midtech arms and armaments along with related items. Green white striped parachutes carried crates full of substances designed to clean up the Wastelands, to make them healthier and safer. Blue white parachutes carried crates had in them water purifying tech and purified water.


As the numbers, of parachute crates, continued to fall from the highsky, the variety of colour coded parachutes grew as did the contents of their crates.


What made the parachute crates odd was that they were often witnessed to be going 'against the wind' or carrying out seemingly impossible maneuvers for such as they. There were a very few reports of the objects seeming to materialise in mid air, just inside the atmosphere, with the parachutes being already deployed.

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Note: Watchers15+ changed to Watchiers15+ to make the name more distinctive.


[24.1] Fighting Over Some Gifts From the Highsky!? [0036]


The gangers assumed that the five paracrates (parachute crates) were their property because they had landed in an area claimed by them. The irony was that the other ganger gang made the very same argument for their owning the prizes. So far it had been a stalemate with neither side daring to expose themselves too much for they had to stay strong enough to survive in the longer term; that is they had to have enough vital assets to do so including themselves as individuals. The Smart Fighters were far more disciplined, than the Skull Biters, and were not addicted to aggression inducing drugs as their traditional enemies were. Both groups were only small numbers of their gangs sent out as scavenging fighting parties.


Slippipeguns were commonly used but also basic, bolt-action, rifles along with crossbows and even bows. A very few even fired off break open shotguns, most of them being single barrelled types easier to get a hold of and to maintain.


One, of the Watchiers15+, observed through her mindeye and took into account how slowly-steadily the gangers lost their objectivity, their cool aloofness, and became increasingly driven to have the prizes at any cost. That is most of them were so effected, to varied degrees, and the leader of the Smart Fighters realised what was going on, managing to drag his far more disciplined people away. Once they were gone the Skull Biters swarmed the paracrates and were soon opening them up. Drugged as they were, as their enemies had not been, the Skull Biters began to savagely fight each other over their contents.


When the last, of the Skull Biters, was dead or dying, the Smart Fighter leader went to the paracrates. He found the red flashing crystal topped devices and smashed them, with some difficulty, and the crazy influence ended. There was something deeply wrong with the dying Skull Biters, as in damaged brains, so the Smart Fighters mercy killed them.


So angry was Redabert, the Smart Fighters' leader, that he did something most odd for one of his kind; he sent warnings not just to allied gangers but to anybody who would heed them and pass them on. Except that other such incidents had occurred, at the sites of other landed paracrates, and so there were many such warnings now circulating through Centropolis.

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[25.1] PrideCitadelDC, the Finding of the First of its Deep Inner Secrets [0037]


A Prideguard Patrol strode along a very deep basement level of the PrideCitadelDC as lit only by emergency fluroflat lighting, making their way past basic utilities along with signs of items long salvaged by the PrideOrderhood of the MultiOrderhood. Such patrols were sent, randomly, into the lowest of the accessible levels where four past groups had previously vanished. They went as heavily amoured, armed, Prideguards of defensive aggressive training and with them were large, body-armoured, patroldogs and body-armoured packdogs with large, quick release, panniers; both types, of cyborgdogs, could fight if necessary. Quite a few Priders were cyborgs, mostly because of injuries sustained in past action or accidents.


Why the very well hidden, secret door, had become open was unknown at the time but the Prideguards carefully went through a fairly wide hallway and into a large autorobotic storeroom full of goodies. There were multiple kinds of power armour suits, robots, tools, instruments, weapons, kits, computers, very small vehicles, ammo, food rations, medicines, uniforms, body-armour, camping equipment, spare parts and more than that.


Very soon other Priders had arrived at the scene as eight more, identical to the first, storerooms were found. Then there were three storerooms full of more technologically sophisticated, advanced, gear and items related to them. Yet it was the 13th storeroom that held the most interest, supertech, items of all kinds and related ones to go with them.


Who, what, had opened that secret door so that the patrol would find it? The Prideguard Patrols were randomised just before they set out from their deep level outposts so how had the secret door opener known they would be going that way? They could have been secretly observing, somehow, but no unproven assumptions were being made by Pridecommand.


A new, large, outpost was founded down there to guard the very useful, and promising, discovery but also to solve the various mysteries hinted at there such as experimental prototypes previously unknown to the MultiOrderhood. New exploration survey taskteams were sent down into the levels that had been thought to be thoroughly searched and understood. Prideguard Patrols were doubled in number!

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[26.1] Centropolis: the Relative Calm Before the Storm [0038]


The 13Warlords13, serving the 13War13, had vanished away but many suspected that they would be returning, likely much stronger, better organised, and perhaps even improved in their strategies; not that the majority, of locals, wanted this to happen but they rightly feared it doing so.


The Longafangs, the positive alternative mercenary corporation to the Fangalongs, set out to back up other forces of the newly created, named, CentroAlliance. That is the MultiOrderhood, RepublicDC, the USDC and the recently joined GuildsDC. The CentroAlliance was still being solidified, organised and generally worked upon.


There was still ongoing trouble, made worse in place by the paracrates with what were being called ragecrystal influencers. Not that all paracrates came with those but instead had other kinds of influences; that is such as calming, healing, sleeping, arousing and boosting but also paracrates that had no exotic crystal devices at all.


Attempts to truly understand, what the crystals devices were, failed at first. Were they part of a testing program involving Wastelanders? That is until certain celestials became involved in the investigations who had some surprise revelations!


Meanwhile gangers, raiders, fanatical survivalists, cannibals, rogue fighting robots and other nasties continued to carry out violence at their typical level, and patchwork fashion, across Centropolis and beyond.

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Note: Changed, in 8,1 and 9.1, Malignamaster to Malignaster because, with out realising it, I made that change anyway.

Note: Capitalizing the term reaver to be Reaver.


[26.1] Ninjamans, Truth and Recruitment of Reavers [0038]


The Reavers that had encountered the Ninjamans, in the Centropolis Bargain Mart, turned out to be a rogue group of clones, they were all clones, escaped from control of the Clonelordica, of Clonelords, that they knew very little about; this made sense as they could not pass on secrets that they did not have.


Reavers spoke of the CelestiFateBoy that had come to them and had stripped them of the malignant influence that the Clonelordica controlled them through. It had been he who had sent them to the Centropolis Bargain Mart to encounter the Ninjamans and to launch fake attacks upon them. So it was that they became the first of the Ninjavers with changes not just in name but in appearance so that they would not be mistaken for the increasingly infamous Reavers.


MultiOrderhood people had come to the Centropolis Bargain Mart in large enough numbers to guard it, to fairly use the resources there, to set up a large outpost there. Yet the CBM, as it began to be called, had some surprises, and even secrets, to be revealed but that was often the way with Centropolis.


The Watchiers+15 observed others observing the CBM but from a safe distance; clearly there were other factions that had learned about the location and its valuable resources but nobody attacked, at least not for the moment.


The Ninjamans, and their Ninjafollowers including the Ninjavers, set out to carry out missions more tuned to their skills and experiences.

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